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  1. ATLVols

    Our new Coach could be Tony Elliott (rumor)

    Out of all the coordinators, he’s probably one of the best options. I still think we need a proven head coach and not a coordinator. But I’ll give him a chance and cheer him on if he’s our guy. Everybody wants the same thing: Tennessee to be successful and win championships.
  2. ATLVols

    Post your coaching pick

    Would love to have = Hugh Freeze or Kiffin, but likely won’t happen. I don’t want Fleck because the guy is really annoying and corny to me. Don’t want the row the boat stuff at Tennessee. Reminds me too much of Butch. Not sold on Chadwell as he seems like the flavor of the month, but I need to...
  3. ATLVols

    Is the plane going to FL for... Heupel?

    Maybe the AD left his List Of Coaches at home and had to fly back 😜
  4. ATLVols

    How would yall feel about Lincoln Riley?

    That would be great, but don’t see why he would leave.
  5. ATLVols

    Will not happen today

    White knows he must get this hire right. If he does, he’s a legend and if not, he’ll be gone at some point. Don’t rush the vetting. Get it right! I expect an announcement sometime late this week or next.
  6. ATLVols

    It’s not that bad.

    Absolutely. I firmly believe if Pruitt had played Harrison Bailey earlier, our season would have been different. We might have one 2-4 more games and Pruitt might still be coaching here. This roster was not as far off, but we’ll see with the attrition.
  7. ATLVols

    White's Stated Approach to Hiring HC

    Get us a championship coach this time!
  8. ATLVols

    If the new system is an RPO

    Almost every offensive scheme now has RPO concepts. We did RPO stuff last year too with options to handoff or pass. But I think I get what you’re saying. If it’s running with the QB more and has more option concepts out of the spread. I think Harrison Bailey will be really good, so his passing...
  9. ATLVols

    The Lane Kiffin Thread

    I will be shocked if we really hire Kiffin again.
  10. ATLVols

    So if the McDonald's kept coming?

    We also need to remove the VFL tag from anyone who leaves. Not a VFL if you transfer somewhere else. Graduate transfers are different because they stayed long enough for their degree...and probably transferred due to lack of playing time.
  11. ATLVols

    Tony Elliott (Clemson OC)

    Then we have to hire or re-hire assistant coaches. Just enjoy the ride. Volnation feeds on this excitement that some call drama.
  12. ATLVols

    Wasnt Chaney the OC under Kiffin?

    Yep! And Tee Martin was his WR coach at USC. Pieces are already in place. Know to solve that “integrity” part...🤔
  13. ATLVols

    Josh McDaniels rumor

    Not my first pick and there are other better options, but offensive background at the highest level. Mostly because he has NFL head coaching experience, young, and has been successful NFL coordinator. Recruits and players would listen. Scheme would bring pro concepts and he has shown creativity...
  14. ATLVols

    Danny White and a possible mitigation of sanctions?

    His past history definitely gives good clues, but I think NFL retreads are definitely in play. You can actually recruit them at Tennessee but not really at UCF. Different context.
  15. ATLVols

    Josh McDaniels rumor

    Would be another great option.
  16. ATLVols

    Danny White Targeting Tony Elliot, Sonny Dykes, & Lance Leipold. - Jimmy Hyams

    If that’s all it is, we need to tell the AD to try again. Come back to us with candidates that show you’re serious about winning championships.
  17. ATLVols

    Does Tee ask to be interviewed for the head ball coach job?

    If you’re Tee, absolutely you try to get interviewed. But that’s not the hire we need right now.
  18. ATLVols

    Two starters who entered the portal will stay

    Would be great news. Hopefully our 2 linebackers.
  19. ATLVols

    "If you're going to be negative, text or call a friend. Don't put it on social media. Let's be positive about our program"

    He is telling us that our fanbase has a lot of pull on whether a coach or student athlete wants to come here. We can help by being positive right now or we can spew negativity and possibly drive away the type of winning coach we all want. Healthy leaders want to be part of healthy places that...

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