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  1. RFlynn

    Player Punishment

    If coach's did pay recruits then those coaches should never be allowed to coach again because they are to stupid to buy better players.
  2. RFlynn

    Dylan Brooks requests release from NLI

    You should go to a school to play for the school first. The coach should be second because of the way they change so often in these times.
  3. RFlynn

    Tennessee football 2021

    Yeah and I'll watch the only difference will be I wont get my blood pressure up anymore. There will be no expectations.
  4. RFlynn

    Your least favorite NON-SEC college football teams are...

    Notre Dame Ohio State
  5. RFlynn

    How long until we compete for the East

    Who knows / Maybe when I win the Lotto
  6. RFlynn

    Neyland Stadium Enters Transfer Portal

    Now that's funny
  7. RFlynn

    Cheezit Bowl tomorrow; who ya got?

    Who cares! Hope for an entertaining game.
  8. RFlynn

    Vols Chess Cabinet

    Now that's funny
  9. RFlynn

    Did UT just pull a fast one?

    If true the insurance company should fire whoever sold that policy.
  10. RFlynn

    Now that CJP is believed to be staying.... [wins next year]

    I'll give you BG, SA and Vandy, The others will be toss ups. If our D doesn't improve Ole Miss will throw for 600 yards on us. Ky And Missouri are improved and KY kicked our a** this year. Don't get me wrong I hope we win 8 or 9 games but it is what it is with the Vols.
  11. RFlynn

    Can we re-gift our Liberty Bowl bid to Army?

    Looks like that could happen now.
  12. RFlynn

    Rumor - JT Shrout may be entering transfer portal [official per Pete Thamel]

    He should go to a non power 5 or even a FCS school and show what he can do and have fun for a few years.
  13. RFlynn

    The reality is, moving forward...

    Well the good news for me is if we have a normal season in 2021 my son plays at Carson Newman so I'll be going to all their games which as you know is winning football. I won't have time to watch Tennessee fortunately.
  14. RFlynn

    Now that CJP is believed to be staying.... [wins next year]

    Looking at the schedule and seeing the product this year I'd be happy if they win over 4 games. Just being honest.
  15. RFlynn

    Now that CJP is believed to be staying.... [wins next year]

    With coaching and the produce we've seen the only game I see above that's we should win is South Carolina. Looks like another losing season and then they'll change direction and repeat it again for 4 more years unless they do something big and bring in a big time winning coach.
  16. RFlynn

    Assuming Freeze and Malzahn are off the table.....

    Yes Mr. Coach Kline Please

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