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    Happen to see Fulmer at work(hotel)today in Nashville

    Who’s Jason Swain? I listen to a smart dude in the mornings but his name is Jayson Swain on the Swain event.
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    Season ticket question

    Last few seasons it was $875.00 that included tickets and processing fee on 7 games but this season we have 8 games so probably be extra $80-$100. Your probably looking right at $1000 this season because of extra game.
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    Butch Jones back in Knoxville

    Funny! Trying to sell Bama...wasn’t once he told someone to turn sweet home Alabama off and made a big deal about it. We know now that he was a fraud.
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    Is Chaney a possibility?

    If we give him 1.5 we better give him a guarantee contract of 3 years. Definitely make Pitman package deal.
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    *****Tennessee Football Coaching Search BIG BOARD [updated 12.4 10:47 am]

    I don’t see them paying 1.2-1.5 but don’t think it’s about money which I think we can match them $1 for $1.
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    Mike McCarthy as Vols OC?

    Damn that was so funny
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    If Pruitt hires Friend

    They are not hiring one of their own .
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    Best Tennessee Sports radio stations

    Swain, Basilio and Fox Knoxville. WNML is a complete joke.
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    Hugh Freeze random guess thread (merged)

    Seriously people. Hyams?
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    Jason Swain Tweet.

    No one is going to give Freeze a HC job unless of lower teir FBS or a FCS making less than a million a year. Why do that when you can make probably 1.5 with less responsibilities and more to gain.
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    Jason Swain Tweet.

    Doesn’t mean that we get Chip but everything is pointing that way. Swain is using logic. I rather have Enos or Freeze but would be ok with Chip as long as it is not Friend or someone else on staff.
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    If Freeze is hired, thoughts on 1 and done? Or maybe 2 and done?

    If we do well and pay him good we could keep him for 2-3 years. I don’t see many power 5 teams wanting him now for a head coach. If he gets lucky enough for a mid major or FCS team he would make more money at Tennessee with less responsibilities.
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    "I think the Hugh Freeze stuff has some legs"

    If we somehow get Freeze imagine how many YouTube games fans will view of ole miss football during Freeze’s era.
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    Get Ready For The National Media Bash!

    Don’t care. We was trashed for Peyton not winning Heisman... trailer trash frenzy. Damned if you do and damned if I don’t... stoped caring years ago.
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    "I think the Hugh Freeze stuff has some legs"

    You would make an erection go down in 0.1 seconds.
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    "I think the Hugh Freeze stuff has some legs"

    Here is screen shot of Austin Price Twitter
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    "I think the Hugh Freeze stuff has some legs"

    Media is starting to think we got a fair shot with Freeze and Freeze is interested.
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    Hypocritical, or not?

    We are already laughing stock in SEC... F everyone and let’s start pushing back.
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    TN can make a STATEMENT.

    I hope we can. I get hyped but when I think what Tennessee has done in past and head coaches I just expect them to sh!t the bed.

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