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  1. 615vols

    Amateur Hour, Part Deux

    “I believe them and I respect them being able to tell their story and having the courage to do it," Harris said at a presidential campaign event in Nevada. The vp you voted for believed Biden’s accusers until it was convenient not to. Truth hurts.
  2. 615vols

    Amateur Hour, Part Deux

    Didn’t Kamala say she believed Biden’s accuser? Prior to being picked as his vp of course lol...
  3. 615vols

    UFC Thread

    I disagree. I think khabib would basically do what he does. Khabib is just far above anyone else imo, truly the goat.
  4. 615vols

    UFC Thread

    Told ya. Not the same fighter at this weight, much improved in all areas.
  5. 615vols

    Joe Biden/Kamala Harris Administration

    Maybe listen closer then, because I’ve seen Chicago, New York, and DC talk about how “we need to open back up now!”.. pretty convenient huh?
  6. 615vols

    Trump to blame for coronavirus deaths. What should the sanction be?

    Lol... and what punishment do you suggest for cuomo up in New York?
  7. 615vols

    National Guard Betrayed By Biden

    Whatever soothes your obvious case of butthurt.. but fact is it’s on Biden and the Dems. They’re getting rightfully blasted all over the place. Only a few days in and Biden is already looking like a complete fool.
  8. 615vols

    National Guard Betrayed By Biden

    Lol.. this is a bad look for Biden and Dems. First they bring in thousands of troops for protection, then insult them by digging into their political beliefs and not trusting them, now they shoved them into the corner of a parking garage. Good job joe 😂
  9. 615vols

    Anarchy In Portland

    Weird, joe Biden and other Dems said antifa was “just an idea” and “a myth”. So you’re saying your dem buddies were full of sh**? Maybe Kamala will bail some of these idiots out too?
  10. 615vols

    The Paris Agreement

    What about this is so great to you? Specifics please..
  11. 615vols


    The night stalker. 4 episode series on serial killer Richard Ramirez, includes crime scene photos, survivors stories, etc.. Very well done. Dude was truly evil.
  12. 615vols

    UFC Thread

    Max was possessed dude! Holy sh** 😂
  13. 615vols

    UFC Thread

    Agreed. I was actually pulling for the other guy for that reason.
  14. 615vols

    UFC Thread

    Head kick was money
  15. 615vols

    Coaches headed to change Henry T's mind

    Loving the vols doesn’t make a person good at the job. Fulmer needs to go, he sucks as ad.
  16. 615vols

    Donald J. Trump - Worst President in Modern History

    Dude, literally every comment you make is about Trump. Take your own advice, Biden won.... the end. It’s insane how obsessed you are and how much time you spend dwelling on Donald Trump.
  17. 615vols

    Donald J. Trump - Worst President in Modern History

    Dude just posted on the corona thread that he’s in Cancun poolside, and yet here he is starting more trump threads 😂 You’re obsessed dude, get a life.
  18. 615vols

    Latest Coronavirus - Yikes

    Wearing masks lying on the beach 😂😂😂

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