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    To’o To’o, Crouch, Gray and Johnson enter the transfer portal

    Oh and whose name was mentioned in Grand Jury Testimony that he had witnessed Sandusky molesting young boys and said or did nothing. No thank you.
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    Never should have fired Fulmer

    Cut and the Chief were the real coaches, not Fulmer. His abilities as a coach, after Cut left, and athletic director show exactly who he is. $37,500 per month for 3 years to honor PF ‘s incompetence.
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    Harrison Bailey?

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    So Fulmer will be paid through 2023

    Sickening, I hope I never hear again how much Fulmer loves UT. He loves money.
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    University of Tennessee in one word.

    Abused. The University of Tennessee and the Volunteer fan base have been abused by blood sucking leeches who only care about money. They haven't valued the Tennessee brand or the loyalty of a great and passionate fan base.
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    The Official #6 Tennessee @ Florida Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN

    The Gators beating up UT. Refs are calling a very physical game.
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    You think this is the low point? Not even close...don’t read if you like positive thoughts

    There is a TV show about it....The Walking Dead. No, I don’t know how to apply the analogy to UT football!
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    You think this is the low point? Not even close...don’t read if you like positive thoughts

    Step off the will be better tomorrow! UT removed a lesion, painful but necessary. The patient will recover!
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    OUCH! Another hit piece (SIAP)

    Why don't they investigate the winners? Tennessee is low hanging fruit at this point and who gives a sh-t what these guys say or write. The only thing we know is JP and PF were really bad hires made by incompetent administrators and boosters and JP brought Bama recruiting tactics to Knoxville...
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    I have not heard this spin on rocky top...

    LOL, no one meets the standards expressed yesterday, not even Plowman or Boyd. We are imperfect people who make mistakes. The key is did Freeze learn from his mistakes and would he utilize the UT system to bring in players and compete in a "UT" envelope. There is a difference in "fudging" and...
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    The official "Jeremy Pruitt has been fired" WATCH THREAD.

    Unless Saban works his buddy Emmert, I bet JP doesn't get a NCAA coaching gig for a while. I see him going to the NFL for a few seasons and then returning to Bama.
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    I have not heard this spin on rocky top...

    Interview them all. Don't assume anything before collecting the information. If Freeze comes across a the best fit for the job, go for it. Stop borrowing worst case scenarios as fact. UT needs a HC who can make us competitive again and brings an exciting brand of football. Freeze did...
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    Who gave the money?

    The point is they get to compete through these athletes. The have a “stake” in not only the program but also the player. These are small sums to the providers of this amount of money.
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    Team Meeting - Any Leaking News

    We don’t have possibly the worst coach in UT history coaching the Vols anymore! Could that be a positive?
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    Team Meeting - Any Leaking News

    Weren’t you also sure JP wouldn’t be fired?
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    Ouch...USA Today Article is Harsh...

    The article isn't painful, it's complete b.s. UT has the best fanbase in college football. Fans aren't the problem, poor leadership and bad hires brought UT football down.
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    A little bit from a Bama message board

    You hit the nail on the head! Emmett and Saban go back to. their LSU days.
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    I don’t like Hugh Freeze’s chances after hearing Randy Boyd today

    Ha! I’m not sure a single P5 coach, much less an SEC coach, can spell or define the word “integrity”.
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    Pruitt Fired for Cause. No buyout. Fulmer retiring.

    Finally, someone in UTAD grew a pair! I have hope!
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    The official "Jeremy Pruitt has been fired" WATCH THREAD.

    I can see JP headed to the NFL if this proves true.

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