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  1. scores4fun

    Gary Danielson should be fired

    Guy is absolute trash!
  2. scores4fun

    Rennia Davis - SEC Player of The Week

    Player of the Week: Tennessee's Rennia Davis ran her streak of scoring in double figures to 18 consecutive games, averaging 23.0 points, 8.0 rebounds and 2.0 steals last week in No. 22/23 UT's split with #3/5 UConn and LSU. Davis finished 16 of 27 from the field for 59.3 percent accuracy. She...
  3. scores4fun

    Where are we from?

    I didnt read the 1st part of your post. I grew up on Peachtree Rd. Sometimes I would walk across the swing bridge to school. In HS we moved to Tern Hall Plantation off of 707 and my parents still live there!
  4. scores4fun

    Where are we from?

    That's cool. I graduated from Socastee C/O 1997. I played a few soccer games down there at yalls HS a few times. By chance do you know Joel Banta, Andy Peace, or Jon Cowan?
  5. scores4fun

    Where are we from?

    I went to Socastee High School.
  6. scores4fun

    Where are we from?

    Born in Johnson City, TN. Moved to Myrtle Beach, SC at the age of 4 and lived there until college. 4 years of college in Gaffney, SC. Been in Columbia, SC for the last 17 years.
  7. scores4fun

    Whisky, bourbon or scotch and what's your favorite?

    I bought the Heavens Door for my dad Christmas 2018. We finally got to opening it this past Christmas. I was really impressed. IT was very smooth. Almost no burn. Worth the $, I believe anyways
  8. scores4fun

    Starting 5 against Georgia?

    What's everyone's thoughts on the starting 5 against Georgia now that Uros is cleared? My thoughts: Vescovi JJJ Pons Fulk Uros With Bowden coming off the bench.
  9. scores4fun

    How much football experience do you have?

    I played a little football in Scotland with St. Mirren Football Club for a brief stint. Oh wrong football!
  10. scores4fun

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    I believe Pruitt starts JG against Charlotte but then HB comes in and then the rest is history!
  11. scores4fun

    Vacation Ideas

    Couples Resort in either Negril, Jamaica or Ocho Rios, Jamaica! Been to Jamaica 5 times and have had a blast everytime!
  12. scores4fun

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    I could see Kennedy as well.
  13. scores4fun

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    Just for fun...What 3 players do you think Pruitt takes to SEC media days next year? Trey 100% HT? Cimaglia?
  14. scores4fun

    Most Satisfying Win 2019

    That doesnt make them a football school. Theyve had 4 or 5 really good seasons in the past 10 years. Won the SEC East one time, So that makes about 6 or 7 good seasons in their football lifetime. We have had one of our worst football decades and they still cant beat us on a regular basis...
  15. scores4fun

    Most Satisfying Win 2019

    USCe because I live in West Columbia. I get tired of hearing them run their dang mouths around here! Theyve accomplished nothing in football and think they are a football school. Plus I really dislike Mushcamp.
  16. scores4fun

    Grade Your Sports Teams 2019

    UT Football - C+ UT MBB - B UT WBB - C UT Softball - A UT Baseball - B UT Soccer - C Man Utd - D Atl Utd - A NY Mets - D Carolina Panthers - D
  17. scores4fun

    '20 TN WR Holden Willis (USF commit)

    PWO route worked out pretty well for Hunter Renfrow. He had scholarships to other schools as well but he and his family loved Clemson. If the kid loves UT and feels confident enough in his abilities that he could come in and walk on then be put on scholarship then good for him. But if he also...

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