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  1. FïreBall

    Guitars.. What you got?

    Buy it!
  2. FïreBall

    Dogs of VolNation and other pets that are inferior to Dogs

    My daughter made Larry a sweater.. She did a good job based off memory and no measurements.. Just a tad long though 😊. He likes it!
  3. FïreBall

    2020 Presidential Race

    Trump has lost control of England
  4. FïreBall

    2020 Presidential Race

  5. FïreBall


    I miss EA, Brian and the crew are doing awesome. Foster is a great addition also. Love listening to them all.
  6. FïreBall

    2020 Presidential Race

  7. FïreBall

    2020 Presidential Race

    Are his policies any different than Obama's?
  8. FïreBall

    2020 Presidential Race

    I lurk this thread daily and have for a while. What is interesting is the Democrats on this thread hasn't stated any reason to vote for Biden that is a legit reason other than to not vote for Trump. I read this thread to learn about our candidates. I see no support for Biden as far as him as a...
  9. FïreBall

    DG's Takeaways from the Bama Game

    And consistent depth..
  10. FïreBall

    *****Freak’s Friday before the Bama game, admittedly off topic thread

    I'll be watching from home also. GoVols!
  11. FïreBall

    Another streak will come to an end Saturday...

    I've missed a lot of UT football during the years for other people. This year I decided I wasn't going to because I've loved UT football since I was a kid listening to games with my dad. I wanted to attend games then Covid happened. At one point I didn't think we would have a season, and it...
  12. FïreBall

    Guitars.. What you got?

    I recently purchased a used Marshall JCM 2000 DSL401. After a few weeks it will not swap channels at times with or without the footswitch. Anyone know of a place in middle TN that will check it out?
  13. FïreBall

    Guitars.. What you got?

    I still have my Peavey Wolfgang Special.. I love this guitar. It's heavy like a tank.. But amazing.
  14. FïreBall

    Will there be a coaching change if we go 4-6 or worse?

    No.. Where would Clemson be if they fired Dabo after year 3?
  15. FïreBall

    UT's most embarrassing defeats?

    1) Memphis 2) see 1.. 3) that LSU SEC champ game I would like to forget.. 4} did I mention Memphis 96 yet?
  16. FïreBall

    2020 Presidential Race

    What makes you think I voted for Obama?
  17. FïreBall

    2020 Presidential Race

    I didn't vote the past two elections.. I voted Friday for a party I would not have voted for 8 years ago..

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