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  1. utfantilidie

    Fuel Injector Problem

    Just a guess didn't read everything but did you check plug wire. My number two plug wire I had with a crown vic use to go bad every few years out of the blue. If you turn your car on in the dark and see if any sparks coming from plug wires as well. I do know when cars sit the gunk in the gas can...
  2. utfantilidie

    Peyton Manning needs to be AD/Coach

    Maybe if we start a thread this one will grow some roots as well. Then we get Coopers son qb, I was told he would not want to play for a crooked Kiffin, then we might lose but we'd sure would score a lot of points. Get Al Wilson defensive coach. Yes?
  3. utfantilidie

    Blame the Sports writers!! And maybe yourselves?

    Far be from me to ever want to do anything to interfere with the current losing streak.
  4. utfantilidie

    Move on to basketball?

    I was leaning towards basketball being ranked number 7 and all then out of no where Tennessee was defeated by Alabama at home tonight so I don’t what we are? Certainly not football?
  5. utfantilidie

    Basilio off air?

    Seems weird promoting him on this site. He so popular do it on his site not Freaks. Just another guy with another opinion.
  6. utfantilidie

    Fulmer Needs To Take The Wheel

    Well I can see your point. It's been a disaster certainly can't hurt at this point and your posts I rank or your opinions I rank top five on the entire board so I gotta listen to you and can't say I disagree.
  7. utfantilidie

    Flip the switch. Positive things that happened this season.

    We beat Vandy. We found two excellent future qbs. Feel free to add.
  8. utfantilidie

    Jeremy Pruitt signing day press conference video 4:30pm

    I didn't hear the part about I really don't know why I'm still here, I guess I have the right person (people) snowed.
  9. utfantilidie

    Its looking more and more like we will head west

    Bowl games use to mean something. Now maybe 4-6 even matter any more besides making a few dollars.
  10. utfantilidie

    Not really sure why he loses he gets to stay....

    And everyone else is shown the door. Hum?Fulmer? Maybe he’s thinking back when he was pushed out the door.
  11. utfantilidie

    Why did Coach Cutcliffe turn down the job before Pruitt was hired?

    I can’t see how anyone could say the players are smarter.
  12. utfantilidie

    If Vandy wins surely you want a new coach right?

    They are horrible.
  13. utfantilidie

    Fulmer, Cut and the Chief Reunion Tour

    Its a bit of a stretch and sounds weird but those three guys totaled more wins in one third of the time it took the rest of the coaches after them to get there. Just a guess but I wouldn't doubt it.
  14. utfantilidie

    Money people upset

    Besides the Haslams being filthy rich who are the other money people?
  15. utfantilidie

    Time for Tee Martin? (merged)

    Okay interim the rest of the year then
  16. utfantilidie

    Time for Tee Martin? (merged)

    We stink we ate a horrible program
  17. utfantilidie

    Time for Tee Martin? (merged)

    We’ve accomplished zero nothing in ten plus years now nothing
  18. utfantilidie

    Time for Tee Martin? (merged)

    I knew the defense would quit
  19. utfantilidie

    Time for Tee Martin? (merged)

    He won our last championship he will get great players he certainly certainly can’t do any worse let’s give him a chance make a millionaire out of him at least he deserves it.

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