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    Here comes the exodus...

    far better? based on what
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    Player Punishment

    Have you seen proof Mc Ds bags full of cash were handed out?
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    Here comes the exodus...

    Neither of which is as good as what is lost.
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    Here comes the exodus...

    I stand corrected
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    Here comes the exodus...

    What are the players leaving expecting? Do they plan to follow Pruitt?
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    Here comes the exodus...

    Gray leaving makes Chandlers transfer sting a little more
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    Pruitt’s lawyer makes a statement denying wrongdoing

    This is expected, I'm sure UT is ready for it.
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    Official Coaching Search Thread

    It will be Steele until the whole NCAA thing is sorted out
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    Alvin Kamara

    Kinda sick of the AK threads, Butch Jones has been gone for a while now.
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    Why Corey Walker isn’t playing

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    support your your team

    It is what it is, when Pruitt got here everybody was talking a 5 year rebuild, now those same posters are calling for change. I didn't really like the Pruitt hire,some of his actions/words remind me of Dooley. But now that he's here I think the admin should come out and support him, let's not...
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    Pruitt to Texas as DC ??!!

    Thought Pruitt was taking over for Saban at bama, what I read here.
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    Basilio Still Thinks Pruitt is Likely Gone

    Oh I'm sure you would be an excellent hire, have you let Fulmer know you are available?
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    Basilio Still Thinks Pruitt is Likely Gone

    So you think he faked it as a DC at bama,ga and fl state?
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    Basilio Still Thinks Pruitt is Likely Gone

    Pruitt will be here next year I think. As a coach he undoubtedly knows football. As a motivator and jelling presence maybe not so good. We still have talent on the team and I expect a winning season next year.
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    Jeff Fisher comments on interest in the UT job

    UT would be lucky to get him
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    Butch Jones

    Years have passed, many games have been played, yet Butch Jones lives on in so many minds.
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    Deandre Johnson to Miami

    Good luck Deandre.

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