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  1. Rocky Top Raby

    And so falls the [Fulmer]

    Just like in 2008, he brought every but of this upon himself.
  2. Rocky Top Raby

    Players react to firing

    I don't care what this ****ing team thinks. They know nothing about winning at this level and not once did they make it feel like they cared about being blown out.
  3. Rocky Top Raby

    Don’t be Shocked if a HC

    If they brought in Steele as a coach in waiting then who made the call? With Fulmer being out too why would they let him make that kind of decision?
  4. Rocky Top Raby

    What's your thoughts on Chris Weinke?

    It's between him and Pruitt for worst coach on staff.
  5. Rocky Top Raby

    Margin is a stat of the past

    We can't be far from "it doesn't matter how many games you lose". Margin still matters IMO. At what point is it ok for your team to not be trying their best to make the game closer? if your 2's (or 1's) can't stop their 2's and 3's then that's still you vs them and a factor on how good a coach is.
  6. Rocky Top Raby

    Tell Me Your Most & Least Favorite Moment With Each Head Coach

    Phil-That title is still one of the best moments of my life. The National Champion is clad in Big Oragne Extending Pruitts contract, as for coaching def the 2001 SEC championship game. That's a loss that still hurts just as bad as the day it happened. Kiffin- Him running over, Crompton(?) when...
  7. Rocky Top Raby

    If Vols dropped football what team would you follow?

    I spent Schiano Sunday basically making this decision and I ended up with Washington.
  8. Rocky Top Raby

    In hindsight, would we have gone 6-6 in a normal year?

    Potentially, but in no way is that good enough for year three and worthy of an extension of his contract.
  9. Rocky Top Raby

    Pruitt HC - are you watching?

    It will continue to be background to whatever I am doing on those days. Hasn't been a priority since the last year of Butch.
  10. Rocky Top Raby

    Coaches headed to change Henry T's mind

    Man, if only our fanbase could be passionate about a 3-7 season, with a coach who's shown no ability to do the job, we'd be good again.
  11. Rocky Top Raby

    Can't pull for Bama ever especially tonight

    I hate OSU fans almost as much as florida fans, especially after the Schiano debacle. Can't stand to hear them flapping their gums, plus what's another title for Bama. Normally I want rivals to lose every single game but I just can't stand OSU that much.
  12. Rocky Top Raby

    What would you guys think about Will Overstreet as DL coach?

    Some of you need to realize that great players don't necessarily make great coaches.
  13. Rocky Top Raby

    For fun. If Johnny Majors had remained coach would he have won a NC?

    No, he may have been able to help the US win Beerfest though.
  14. Rocky Top Raby

    AV dropping discouraging news...

    He was so wrong during the Grumors that I fully believe he is just a troll.
  15. Rocky Top Raby

    Who Better than Coach Fulmer to pull VolNation together

    Guys a ****ing troll and not even a creative one.
  16. Rocky Top Raby

    Now is a good time for NegaVols to jump ship

    Lol, what a crock of ****. Have to blindly support anyone wearing orange or you arent a fan. This ****ing mentality is just weak.
  17. Rocky Top Raby

    Now is a good time for NegaVols to jump ship

    He literally wants part of the fanbase to he purged because he thinks he and those that think like him are right.
  18. Rocky Top Raby

    Now is a good time for NegaVols to jump ship

    If this doesn't epitomize the "I'm better than you" mentality the pumpers have then I don't know what does. Let's go to a stadium slightly bigger than Vandy just so you can remain in your world of ignorant bliss without disturbance.

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