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    The Reason Fulmer is Retiring

    Yep, I think the ‘Plan’ likely involves Steele as HC. A possibly brighter alternative is Steele as DC/mentor and al as HC. I suspect you are right, though, and KS will be announced as our interim HC with the understanding that 6-7 wins gets him the job.
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    The Reason Fulmer is Retiring

    IF we do have an AD by Friday, that will be a promising sign that somebody with clout might have actually drafted a plan before pulling the trigger. It would be very Un-UT of us to appear to actually have a plan! Btw, I would be surprised too but we can always hope that the AD is announced...
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    Pruitt’s lawyer makes a statement denying wrongdoing

    Does anyone know if the verbiage related to NCAA compliance changed from the original contract to the extension? If so, we either got very lucky all things considered or someone fairly high up either knew or suspected there was enough junk floating around the program to fire with cause if...
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    In hindsight, would we have gone 6-6 in a normal year?

    If Grandma had nuts, she'd be Grandpa. Pruitt could face an All-MAC schedule and probably still end up 6-6. I honestly want the guy to succeed but it just isn't happening.
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    SDS: UT dumpster fire still has plenty of fuel left

    Forget championships, how about those coaches (not 100% sure about Mullen while @ MSU) has beat a more talented UT roster with a less talented roster. The difference being those dudes were all better than the clown we called HC. Good coaching is a thing but I completely understand why Tnutater...
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    Pruitt to Texas as DC ??!!

    They’ll hire him as DC for $35k a year once we fire home without cause thereby picking up the rest of the tab in typical UTAD excellence.
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    If you had to choose

    I believe 'Tee Martin' would be Phil's coaching pseudonym. God, that would be an absolute disaster and enough for me to welcome the Marrone coaching era with open arms just to avoid it. I'll take Malzahn or Herman all day long. Neither will likely get us to the championship game but we...
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    Ty Chandler in the transfer portal

    When you only average 204 yards/game in the air a LOT of options were overlooked.Agree that Ty was a great receiver out of the backfield but Our O was so bad that everyone’s stat line suffered.
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    Sark to Texas

    By past struggles, I was referring to some of the addiction issues he dealt with. I personally wouldn’t hold it against him moving forward but Sark himself may not want to deal with the incredible pressures of being a head coach. All the head coach $ in the world is worthless if you destroy...
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    Sark to Texas

    I think Sark would be a great hire for either UT but, based on his past struggles, he may not want to be bumped up a peg and the heat that comes with it.
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    Mock 2021 schedule

    Only UT could downgrade by firing Butch Jones. The guy was not a good coach but he was decent. Jeremy’s not even decent.
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    Mock 2021 schedule

    Right now, a winning season is the the stretch goal. We are soooo far away from winning the East at this point that it is laughable. I 100% agree with your comment and it is sad just how far this program has fallen. That said, I’d LOVE to finish 3rd in the East but I’d be amazed if we...
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    Tom Herman thread [merged]

    We have an AD that makes poor decisions but is simply too arrogant to admit it and learn from them. The Pruitt saga is 0% about what’s best for UT FB and 100% about salvaging Phil’s ego. Being ‘consistently’ trash still makes you trash...
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    What does investigation have to find to out JP

    So you knew we would lose to GA St and you still let it happen????? What kind of monster are you?
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    College Football season Poorest/Richest Programs

    Looking back at this year's performance and then looking at the schedule, who are picking for the 7 wins? Historically, I would say Bama, UF, and UGA are guaranteed L's with the rest of the games being either favored or at least even. 3 Def losses Based on last season, however, the only...
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    Butch Jones

    The thread should end on this post. You absolutely nailed it in 2 sentences and I’ll never look at Pruitt the same after this.
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    Kaidon Salter update...

    Might need to be interim-AD too. I hope the kid can multi-task...
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    Anyone hearing Darnell Wright leaving?

    UTAD thinks the paycheck makes the coach not the other way around.
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    Super Bowl winning coach is available

    There's not many coaches I would take Pruitt over but damned if you didn't find one.
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    The difference between good and bad coaching

    I think Orgeron is a lousy HC but a great cheerleader. He is very good at firing his team up. That enthusiasm coupled with their raw talent can be a lethal combination. The 'lightning in a bottle' analogy is on target for last year. Top talent, excellent assistants to handle the 'football...

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