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    Big Kat Bryant commits

    Hell>Yeah. A glimmer of hope in a sea of despair.
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    Pruitt to Texas as DC ??!!

    This x 1000. Exactly what I was going to say.
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    Hoping Chaney took notes from the NC title game

    He was taking notes. Not sure if it was on the offense, or the fact that McDonalds 2 for $3 deal is back.
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    Wanya Morris In the transfer portal

    Worse than 2020?
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    Pruitt Fired Before the New Year?

    Clocks ticking.
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    Expecting too much too soon...

    This must be one complicated system he’s implementing. How many more years should we expect it to take?
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    Pruitt "obviously" in trouble

    Better than Beldar Cornbread.
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    Football Program Under Investigation [merged]

    Wait, I thought our bag men didn’t work hard enough?
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    *****2020 Early Signing Day Thread Tracker (19)

    That’s more because we had 20 commits when everyone else had many less. Player average has always been mid-tier. It is what it is. We were not the recruiting National Champs many claimed to be.
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    Pruitt Frustrated By Lack of Support

    I like the smell of my own farts, but I don’t appreciate Pruitt giving us the Dutch Oven, and wonder why were not happy.
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    Why do coaches not start the right QB?

    I think in many situations, “the better” QB just might not be ready. Maybe they are a true freshman and need a little more time to develop to get to that point.
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    This article explains why UT football has been in decline...and it's not due to coaching

    Pittman sure is getting a lot more out of his bottom of the barrel program in his first year.
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    Hudson Wolfe decomitted

    Just making room for a few 5 stars is all. Relax guys.
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    I feel bad for Cade Mays

    Decommits when Butch had us circling the drain. Looks like we’re back so he comes home, gets the waiver, and then he finds himself on probably the worst UT team in his lifetime. At he goes out wearing orange.
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    Pruitt just self inflicted a QB controversy

    I hear JG may get a practice Heisman invite.
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    Remember when Aaron Murray said...

    Based on what? 🤣
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    Jeremy Pruit setting records at Tennessee!

    idk. His reputation is on the line, so I’m sure he’s not just out there trying to suck. He seems like an egomaniac that would want nothing but to win, he’s maybe just not capable of putting it all together.

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