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    How long have you followed/been a Vol football fan ?

    Since 1956. I was six years old.
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    Palmer Declares for NFL

    Seniors just moving on. Of all the players that have transferred, declared, or left, only Wanya Morris is concerning.
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    Early SEC Results and Where It Goes From Here

    Kentucky is not Kentucky this year. They looked horrible last night. 4-7 is who they are.
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    Tell Me Your Most & Least Favorite Moment With Each Head Coach

    Dickey: Beating Alabama in 1967 The way he left town Wyatt: Beating LSU in 1958 Losing to Alabama 1963
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    Who the H*** Handles Our PR ???

    Patience grasshopper.
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    Turnover Importance

    First half was bad, we lost by 7. Second half was better. We won by 12.
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    Turnover Importance

    Game was only close because we had a bad shooting night. Seems we shoot better on the road than at home.
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    How can Kiffin take a bad Old Miss team and get the players to buy in?

    I guess the defense didn't "buy in". 2020 Southeastern Conference Team Total Defense Stats | ESPN
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    The Case For Coach Pruitt

    This is a very important point. One correction, 2018=5. You left off Bryce.
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    Ron Widby passed away

    Widby always brings back memories of my high school basketball coach responding to players wanting to play multiple sports. He discouraged it. Someone brought up Widby. The coach responded: Widby is a good baseball player, fair basketball, fair football. That's when I knew teachers could lie.
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    Curley Hallman on Fulmer and Pruitt

    He's exactly right.
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    And the end of college football begins..

    Dear Congress. GTFO.
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    Poll: Does anyone actually believe Pruitt will be successful at UT?

    Yes, he will be, because he can recruit well and because he understands the SEC is a line of scrimmage league (where Butch failed). This year is an anomaly, a temporary downturn because of several factors. 1. QB play - For whatever reason, JG just has a dark cloud hanging over him. No matter...
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    Dee Beckwith

    He's been injured.
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    Pruitt's Halftime Interview

    You assume incorrectly. Sideline reporter said before the game that Pruitt said he would play both today.
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    Zero sacks against basically a practice squad team

    He was pressured all night. Defense played well.
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    Anyone Else Get The Feeling.....

    We scored more points on Vandy than any team this year except Ole Miss. Florida beat them by 21. We beat them by 25. The QB change has changed everything.

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