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  1. goldvol

    Butch's 2017 Class Looking Even Worse Now

    Tim Jordan needs to be moved from "transferred" to "dismissed". Not sure why you have him as a transfer
  2. goldvol

    The call is just to easy to make

    you gotta be nuts if you think we're dumping pruitt before signing day. guys are definitely jumping ship if they lose their coach and it's an aweful season.
  3. goldvol

    Would you take Scott Frost now?

    I'd rather have the guy with the national championship.... o_O
  4. goldvol

    It's always the QB

    or, maybe the heisman trophy has something to do with being the qb on a great team...
  5. goldvol

    Fla a 16.5 Point Fav

    Don't be so egocentric. It's the worst Vol's season of anyone's life.
  6. goldvol

    If Pruitt doesn’t start Bailey and he continues to play Guarantano—do we start blaming Fulmer for not intervening?

    In fact, I'm in the boat that fans aren't qualified to make personnel decisions either.
  7. goldvol

    Lee Sterling Theory

    If Pruitt thinks that JG is the best chance to win, why does it matter that he is doing it to win games and save his job?
  8. goldvol

    Rick Barnes Positive for COVID-19: Games this week are in doubt

    would be so 2020 to lose the one shining diamond in the program. Get well soon, Coach Barnes!
  9. goldvol

    Midseason Reranking of SEC coaches

    Pittman in the bottom half after the turnaround he's pulling at last years 2-10 Arkansas? He somehow beats either Florida or Bama, and he could be up for coach of the year.
  10. goldvol

    Michael Lombardi mid-season awards- "Alvin Kamara is the real MVP"

    I never understood Butch not getting credit for Kamara. Hurd was our star, starting as a freshman, 800 yards from setting the all-time Tennessee rushing record going into his Junior year. Kamara was a JUCO transfer. Both were plenty talented, and one had been in the system. And Kamara still...
  11. goldvol

    Let's remember how bad Jones really was

    He didn't go 0-8 in the SEC
  12. goldvol

    Let's remember how bad Jones really was

    He beat Florida. That meant something, to me
  13. goldvol

    Butch Jones receives high praise from Saban

    My understanding is that he wouldnt lose the buyout. The buyout amount from Tennessee would just be decreased by the amount of whatever his salary is.
  14. goldvol

    UT Athletic Dept. Introduces Tiered Salary Reduction Plan

    Surprised to see Butch criticism at this point, since he actually had done more than Pruitt has at this point
  15. goldvol

    *****Pick the Score Contest: Bama

    Tennessee 28 Bama 27 342
  16. goldvol

    Checkerboard neck gaiters... really?

    funny how i knew this thread was coming. As soon as he started losing, all the "fans" would turn on the coach, he would be the new Dooley/Butch, and even his fashion would be critiqued. not surprised in the least.
  17. goldvol

    Firing Fulmer was the worst mistake a program has ever made.

    The problem wasnt firing Fulmer. It was firing Fulmer and not already having a proven winning coach ready to come in to continue the success with a talented roster.
  18. goldvol

    Can someone get a message to Coach Pruitt?

    Pruitt's only goal in this game is to recruit more Georgia players. Cade going in the trenches to try to get his boys to transfer over, so we can be Georgia North
  19. goldvol

    *****Pick the Score Contest: Georgia

    looks good to me. I am going with freak's suggestion. Tennessee 41 Opponent 0 Tiebreaker 200
  20. goldvol

    Let’s get it ON! [UGA game time set for 3:30pm CBS]

    Mod, can we just change the thread title, to put 3:30 on CBS. would make it so much more clear what you're clicking on.

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