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  1. VolRatt

    *****Pick the score contest BYU

    TN 38 BYU 30 TDYA 423
  2. VolRatt

    *****Pick the score contest Georgia State

    TN 54 Ga st 10 JG 301
  3. VolRatt

    2020 schedule

    Interesting changes here. What say you? Tennessee Volunteers Sept. 5 CHARLOTTE Sept. 12 at Oklahoma Sept. 19 FURMAN Sept. 26 FLORIDA Oct. 3 MISSOURI Oct. 10 at South Carolina Oct. 17 Open Date Oct. 24 ALABAMA Oct. 31 at Arkansas Nov. 7 KENTUCKY Nov. 14 at Georgia Nov. 21 TROY Nov. 28 at Vanderbilt
  4. VolRatt

    Vol Calls?...It's time for Jerry from Bulls Gap!

    CJP sounds more up beat tonight. Sounds like he’s not hating it.
  5. VolRatt

    Vols Practice thread #1

    I’m excited!
  6. VolRatt

    Fall practice Schedule?

    Exactly. I think it was a sticky last year
  7. VolRatt

    Fall practice Schedule?

    I haven’t seen the fall practice schedule posted. Will practice be closed or will portions be open for the media? Looking forward to Fingers threads!
  8. VolRatt

    Nike Trainer Shoes

    Thanks! Picked up two pair
  9. VolRatt

    SEC Nation

    I saw that. Just means we win!
  10. VolRatt

    Butch Jones has revised the program

    Hopefully his press conferences will be next.....
  11. VolRatt

    2 Tide v. Vols Tix

    Emailed you
  12. VolRatt

    Where is everyone sitting?

    4 of us in XX4 row 5.
  13. VolRatt

    Dawg encounter

    Just say 38-31 and walk away
  14. VolRatt

    Practice #2 Updates 8.2.16

    Fingers da man
  15. VolRatt

    2-4 Tennessee Appalachian State tickets

    Looking for 4 against bama.
  16. VolRatt

    Dobbs' socks... these should be required attire from now on

    Just ordered. Thanks :good!:
  17. VolRatt

    Epic Tee Higgins Backlash

    Pretty much

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