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    UT just went all in, big boy money

    Let's face it: The stars aligned to put Barnes in the driver's seat because of UT's unique situation: 1. Football continues to disappoint after several coaching search nightmares. 2.Lady Vol's were forced to find a new coach 3. Men's Basketball is currently the only winning program of the three...
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    He is not worth 5 million a year

    "We can find someone." Just saying, I'm a little weary of coaching searches.
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    Give Barnes a Lifetime contract!!!

    Fulmer can just call Haslam & get a big donation. Probably already has.
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    He is not worth 5 million a year

    But folks: This is US and this is NOW. It doesn't matter what someone else did somewhere else, or what someone else did here. We don't want another search, and we have good players coming in for next year. For once, let's build on a good thing. Pay the Man. He deserves it.
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    He is not worth 5 million a year

    Agree. Pay him, Pay him, Pay him. Maybe we didn't get past Sweet 16, but darn! at least we had a great season and were WINNING at something.
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    He is not worth 5 million a year

    Hard to believe that. Everyone knows that Warlick, though likable, was a real disaster as a coach.
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    He is not worth 5 million a year

    Doubt that he really wants to leave. Cost of living in LA has to be ten times what it is here. I know housing is. They need to pay him the 5 mil or 5 mil with adjusted cost of living and keep him. Hell, we have to win at something.
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    He is not worth 5 million a year

    Pay Barnes what it takes. We don't want another search, and it feels good to have a good season.
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    He is not worth 5 million a year

    It felt SO GOOD to be winning, even if we didn't make it past Sweet 16. I say PAY HIM whatever it takes.
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    He is not worth 5 million a year

    BEST AND MOST EXCITING season in a long time. PAY HIM.
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    Fan Fatigue

    My entire family is suffering from fan fatigue, and we have been avid VOLS fans for generations. Year after year of poor performance has worn us down. We know that Pruitt needs time, but seriously considering not renewing season tickets. There will be plenty available--if we are ever good again.
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    Coach Pruitt and this team

    True-and our team is a mule. There is just no way around it.
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    Coach Pruitt and this team

    Very thoughtfully put.
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    Pruitt Should Apologize to Fans, the Team & Re-evaluate if He Still Wants to Be Coach

    Great post. Took me a while to write a response. Laughing too hard to type. The Gruden threads were soooo stupid.
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    Chris Petersen Approval Thread

    Would be great, but he continues to say he is not interested. Pipe dream.
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    Here's why I'm anti-Gruden.

    "There's also the little factoid that Gruden turned Tennessee down when Butch Jones was hired, a factoid that nobody wants to remember. There's the little factoid that never, not once, has the man come out and said "I want to coach at the University of Tennessee". Not once. He may have said some...

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