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    Off season workout schedule

    Is that guy wearing tights or panty hose??? Not that I am checking him out it just stuck out for some reason:confused:
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    Cade Mays and Amari Rodgers

    So are we still waiting on Case or are we just going to settle for Cooper and Cade?? Inquiring minds want to know?😳 Is Kevin Case’s father also?🤔
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    Newest man cave additions

    I like it!!! Dual purpose items in Man Caves are always practical
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    CJP: "Our Fans Never Gave Up"

    Notice the look on the face of the IU fans. Priceless👍
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    VOLS fire burning bright! ....Literally

    LSD is a powerful drug
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    Will Coach Pruitt Get A Raise?

    Yeah Baby:eek:
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    From the Indiana board

    We will need PICs or it didn’t happen! Just Looking out for ya:rolleyes:
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    Interesting comment by Pruitt during his postgame press conference

    Probably why he is bringing in a lot of “preferred walk on”
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    Is it just me.......

    I hear he has land in Nashville area??
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    '20 JUCO SDE Yaya Diaby

    Bag man is asleep at the switch:confused:
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    Who Will Score The First Tennessee Touchdown Against Kentucky?

    I believe JJ will throw out of the wildcat for TD this week
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    8-5 Boys.. Playoff run next year!

    No it’s Iowa
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    Strategy for Bama - TLDR: We win.

    Its early! Oh wait no it isn't:confused:
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    Maurer listed as the starter for Bama

    Fairly confident that he has not had a concussion yet, unlike some on here blasting that he has had multiply concussions:rolleyes:
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    I think there is reason for optimism

    BVS is still alive and well and taking on additional symptoms:rolleyes:
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    Step away from the keyboard, I believe this individual may suffer from the worst case of BVS seen yet
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    I hope Chaney has a game plan

    That is what I talking about Gun Slinging no preparation what-soever School Yard BullSh## on 3
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    Bryce Thompson available to play

    Probably wouldn't work out real well coaching football! Wonder if it has any eligibility left??:rolleyes:

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