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  1. G8rh8r

    Realistically what’s the % Pruitt survives...

    Pruitt will be here next year. Probably with JG by his side
  2. G8rh8r

    *****Pick the Score Contest: Florida

    UT 9 Gators 52 16 completions
  3. G8rh8r

    Fla a 16.5 Point Fav

    That’s the line? I’ll take the gators to cover
  4. G8rh8r

    The reason we should hold off on coaching change

    Whenever I have a drastically underperforming employee, I always wait several years before firing him.
  5. G8rh8r

    What's the secret to getting along with Boosters?

    Most boosters are successful businessmen. They want to see a plan, metrics to judge the plan clearly communicated, and progress along the plan. Hookers and blow are fun, but ultimately, they need to see progress
  6. G8rh8r

    And the decommitments start

    Not surprising and I don’t blame him one bit. Good luck, young man
  7. G8rh8r

    Give Thanks...

    Happy thanksgiving Vol fans! I admit, this was the first one I’ve switched up my usual cornbread stuffing to bread based. I’m done with cornbread
  8. G8rh8r

    Same general topic, different question

    He needs to be bowl eligible next year. We have low standards
  9. G8rh8r

    If Pruitt gets fired?

    This season is such a garbage fire. There is no way fulmer cans Pruitt after giving him an extension. If he does, he’s gone as well. No way that happens.
  10. G8rh8r

    The Official Tennesee @ #23 Auburn Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN

    I swear, it’s the same game every single week. Same mistakes, same problems, same bad play calling.
  11. G8rh8r

    Freak's Friday night before the Auburn game, admittedly off topic thread

    We are in key west for a much needed vacation. We spent yesterday at the Dry Tortugas. That place is just gorgeous. we will probably do some shopping today and try to find the game on tonight but I don’t want to ruin the good vibe on vacation.
  12. G8rh8r

    2-8 is Pruitt gone?

    In a normal year, possibly. He’s not getting fired the same year he gets an extension. Then again, that would totally be the Tennessee thing to do
  13. G8rh8r

    Worst Loss of the JP Era

    I’m going to go with Kentucky 2020. No reason to ever lose to Kentucky at home
  14. G8rh8r

    *****Pick the Score Contest: Auburn

    Vols - 13 The Barn - 38 28 yards
  15. G8rh8r

    JG listed as starter for Auburn game

    As if there was any doubt JG would start
  16. G8rh8r

    Is your apathy at an all time high???

    Yep. After ten years ore rebuilding, we are locked in with Beldar for at least one if not two years of this. It’s hard to care

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