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    Pruitt's "17 points" remark

    you are leaving out the JG factor
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    The reason we should hold off on coaching change

    16 players out today, bet that doesn’t have any ill effect.
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    What would be the reaction if they went this route?

    it’s a big assumption to think Cut would come back at this point in time. There was a time when he would’ve but it’s about 12 years too late for that.
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    Jamey Chadwell

    I’ll take Hugh Freeze for a $1000 Alex
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    And the decommitments start

    Recruiting isn’t for the faint of heart
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    Big Board of Coaches Updated 11/30/20

    I know he wins, and I know what went down at Baylor wasn’t all in him. I really don’t care if the coach is drunk and nekkid on the sidelines as long as he wins. I also think UT should lower their stringent academic requirements for athletes that go above and beyond NCAA and SEC requirements...
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    Pretend you're a booster

    Yep, here’s $10 mil, now go get Art Briles or Hugh Freeze on the next plane to Ktown
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    Article about Pruitt (SIAP)

    or the Bengals and the Vols
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    Just seeing if anyone can confirm

    I think you will see numerous teams with losing records in bowl games this year. It’s just a wacky year.
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    Money people upset

    the “money” people helped us get in this f’d up situation in the first place
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    Is there something going on in Knoxville

    need to dial back the additional “academic” requirements that UT has put in place, and open up the football factory again.
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    Crompton and Stanley nails it

    he was digging JG walking off the field at haltime
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    Money people upset

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    Big Board of Coaches Updated 11/30/20

    Please add Art Briles to the list
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    The Official Tennesee @ #23 Auburn Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN

    Except for Bailey seems to have some awareness in the pocket as to what is going on, he seems to have more touch on his passes, and it also looks like he puts the ball where the receiver can do something with it.
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    The Official Tennesee @ #23 Auburn Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN

    That last play before the half kind of sums up JGs career.
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    Harrison Bailey to Start vs. Auburn (made you look!)

    Bandy hasn’t gotten really good QB play
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    Fulmer tests positive for COVID

    but they don’t fire him while he’s still out recovering.
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    Coronavirus (No politics)

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