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  1. MyVolsDropped

    If Pruitt doesn’t start Bailey and he continues to play Guarantano—do we start blaming Fulmer for not intervening?

    Fulmer faked Covid. He's now out trying to find us a new coach. Expect an announcement near the end of the season.
  2. MyVolsDropped

    What is the criteria for making a bowl in 2020?

    Probably the bowl we will be going to. After all, one of them is our QB. Probably why we keep starting him. Would be wrong to bench him.
  3. MyVolsDropped


    I wonder how many pick 6s our 10th year senior will throw to Vandy?
  4. MyVolsDropped

    And the decommitments start

    Get out of here with that nonsense. Excuses. Excuses. Excuses. Pruitt has got to go! Go get your participation trophy. But us true Vols can see the writing on the wall. Enough with the excuses.
  5. MyVolsDropped

    12 million to Freedom

    Makes sense. I agree with OP. Well said. We are doomed.
  6. MyVolsDropped

    And the decommitments start

    Wish Pruitt would decommit....
  7. MyVolsDropped

    I want Hugh Freeze (merged)

    Define "best teams in the country" Bama? Georgia? Florida? Clemson? Ohio State? Chokelahoma?
  8. MyVolsDropped

    NFL without cable???

    Football is football and I'm thankful to have it. Don't care what the NFL stands for or if a player kneels. Big deal. I watch for the football. And when the football is over, I turn it off.
  9. MyVolsDropped

    Do you honestly think JG will be on the roster next year?

    JG loves college. I'd say he's good for a few more seasons. He needs all the practice he can get for the real world after all.
  10. MyVolsDropped

    Pretend you're a booster

    I love pretending. Do I get a hot girlfriend 10 years younger than me and a McLaren? Also, what do I generally eat? I'm so over Raman.
  11. MyVolsDropped

    What happens if Harrison Bailey transfers out after this year.

    I say we lineup the firing squad.
  12. MyVolsDropped

    Why don't Tennessee just play smash mouth football their last three games?

    Do you know who our coach is?? Do you know who our QB is?? Now ask yourself that question again and maybe the light bulb will come on upstairs.
  13. MyVolsDropped

    Next gen console poll: XSX, PS5, PC or none?

    I'm hoping Xbox releases an all digital Series X. No sense in getting the S when the X is better. And no sense getting an X whenever the disc drive is useless and can save $100 without it. Like how Sony did it. I haven't bought a physical game in 10+ years now.. So I'm holding out til then.
  14. MyVolsDropped

    Jeremy Pruitt Show

    Would be nice if they canceled it and got rid of it. Him included.
  15. MyVolsDropped

    “That ain’t my job, guys”.

    If he's not gone by the Vandy game, and he ends up starting JG I hope they beat us so bad that he gets fired during post game interviews live on air. I'm so sick of him!
  16. MyVolsDropped

    “That ain’t my job, guys”.

    You can take the Gump from Bama but you can't take Bama from the Gump.
  17. MyVolsDropped

    ROCKY TOP meet Rock Bottom...

    If ya smelllllllllllllll!!!!! You gonna hit em with the peoples elbow too?
  18. MyVolsDropped

    The Official Tennesee @ #23 Auburn Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN

    I wanna see HB get a good passing TD this game. Kid deserves it.
  19. MyVolsDropped

    The Official Tennesee @ #23 Auburn Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN

    HB looks more poised than JG. Looks more settled. Why can't you roll with him!??
  20. MyVolsDropped

    The Official Tennesee @ #23 Auburn Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN

    Aight!! Maybe we will get to see HB run out on the field and hand our boys sole Gatorade or somethin

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