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  1. DaUndergroundMan

    The reason we should hold off on coaching change

    Oh....we've all had beans. They're good for the heart.
  2. DaUndergroundMan

    Fulmer, Cut and the Chief Reunion Tour

    Literally a knell.
  3. DaUndergroundMan

    How do you identify an up and coming good coach?

    I'll take asparagus familiarity for $1000, Alex. Btw, The chances of Beldar ever overcoming his vegetable ignorance, and actually trying something like asparagus is on par with his likelihood of starting Bailey this or next year. He's gonna stick with chicken nuggets and Mac and cheese...
  4. DaUndergroundMan

    Stop Blaming COVID

    Projection. It's sometimes cute in very young children. We expect a comical, rudimentary grasp of of self-awareness in those under 6.
  5. DaUndergroundMan

    If Pruitt doesn’t start Bailey and he continues to play Guarantano—do we start blaming Fulmer for not intervening?

    It doesn't matter. This entire thread is semantics. Should Fulmer intervene with and override the silly, stubborn, decisions of his hand selected, elementary level, oblivious gym coach??? Hell no!!! Should Fulmer be blamed for hiring and extending the blithering buffoon??? Absolutely, yes!!!!
  6. DaUndergroundMan

    What happens if Harrison Bailey transfers out after this year.

    So... name them I'll spot you HT, despite the fact that 2020 to'o To'o has reminded me more of Colton jumper than Al Wilson. So all this litter. Enlighten me.
  7. DaUndergroundMan

    And the decommitments start

    And it seems to happen more often to terrible and underperforming teams, while good teams with a easily sold narrative seem to reap the benefits. It's nearly inconceivable. Those strange mysteries of the universe. Wish I (and you) could decipher them..
  8. DaUndergroundMan

    And the decommitments start

    TLDR: <farting sound>
  9. DaUndergroundMan


    Maybe OP is a prophet. If you and JG stick around for 2021 those numbers are pretty much automatic. Or maybe you are taking a typo and jumping a shark on waterskis.
  10. DaUndergroundMan


    It's just funny now. Never has a qb thrown so many pick sixes or fumbled for so many scoop and scores. Never has a qb been so ineffective in sustaining drives, converting in red zone or leading his team. Never has a qb completed so many 3rd down passes without a 1st down conversion. Never has...
  11. DaUndergroundMan

    “That ain’t my job, guys”.

    Yep. Reminds me of an incident where a malcontented coworker began making a stand about how a certain part of his job, "wasn't his job". He always complained brought it up in meetings and tried his best to convince us (his peers with identical titles and functions) that we should refuse to do...
  12. DaUndergroundMan

    Mariota vs Tannehill - QB matters

    I have, for several years compared JG to Mariota. It was the same frustration with Marcus. Glad he is gone. So Glad. Hoping the Vols, at some point have that same epiphany. "Oh wait...Maybe it's not the OL, not the receivers, not the tight ends, not the playcalling....Maybe just Maybe it's...
  13. DaUndergroundMan

    Would Pruitt rather be right OR win?

    Good question. Beginning to wonder this myself.
  14. DaUndergroundMan

    How bad is that Kentucky Loss now?

    They only lost to us because they Pruitted in our game. They started the upper classman qb against us. Harrison Bazelac starts that game.... We lose
  15. DaUndergroundMan

    Will "Jeremy Pruitt's" Friend get fired?

    No Sucking hard with your best buds on the way to a big Buy Out, beats the alternative. What you think loyalty to Vols enters into this? Pruitt, a loyal Tennessean....Right.
  16. DaUndergroundMan

    Who is our hype man??

    I think it was was Sterling Henton. But he lost some credit when he got popped for that forged check. Pruitt and hype are pretty much incongruent. A blank and humorless doormat. No cutesie slogans "Y'all come back now" or color. Just a bland and uninteresting receptacle for guests to tread...
  17. DaUndergroundMan

    Pruitt Is Not The Answer

    Yeah the Dabo thing is wearing thin. A better comparison for the argument of longevity and patience, would be Mark Stoops.... But Mark Stoops develops talent, and does more with less... So like nevermind.
  18. DaUndergroundMan

    Pruitt Post Game

    He either wants to be fired. Or duct taped to a metal chair and beat senseless. Stupidity is forgivable. We develop a soft spot for the Simple Jacks. Wanton, deliberate, arrogant stupidity, tends to be insulting.

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