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    '19 Recruiting Forum: Official Georgia State Pregame/Game Thread

    Ahhhh a good ole VN freak out... we look good we just look lazy... no passion out there
  2. DefenseWins

    I haven't been this excited for the season to start

  3. DefenseWins

    Campus is dead

    Go Boise
  4. DefenseWins

    Fear Not! One Man Gang and the Maxims will be back!

    I also can tell I’m gonna love this... thanks in advance
  5. DefenseWins

    Fear Not! One Man Gang and the Maxims will be back!

    I’m not sure but it’s one of a kind
  6. DefenseWins

    Harrison Bailey Currently playing on ESPNU

    What’s Bailey’s stats so far?
  7. DefenseWins

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk [RIP 9.3.2019]

    That’s what made it look different glad we aren’t doing it half way now.... wonder why they stopped before?
  8. DefenseWins

    '20 DC WR Rakim Jarrett (Maryland signee)

    Brian Dohn just flipped his CB to the good guys...
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    This got weird
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    Bracket him and your fine... they will throw a lot of stuff at BYU’s QB. They have no options in the air outside of him. Also defensively short small DB’s They don’t run that well... we should be ok with BYU. Of course it is the first game but it’s also a rivalry game... you will be able to see...
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    Clemson vs Georgia Tech 8pm 8.29.19

    It makes me smile and get sick watching Clemson... smh
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    New QB Transfer, Kasim Hill

    Lol yea not a dual threat but with two bad knees he doesn’t need to run at all... which is why I said what I said.
  13. DefenseWins

    New QB Transfer, Kasim Hill

    Look at his highlights in page 1, that was what I was referencing
  14. DefenseWins

    Thoughts on PWO Playing Time

    Here is my take... the OP is asking a question while assuming an answer... he knows someone that fits that description. Second take, just because the kid says it doesn’t mean it’s true. I don’t know the scenario so he might be honestly telling the truth. OP something to think about... CJP...
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    New QB Transfer, Kasim Hill

    Hoping they tank for Lawrence but I bet the Colts get him or Tua
  16. DefenseWins

    New QB Transfer, Kasim Hill

    Kids pretty good... but he can’t use his legs anymore that’s too costly
  17. DefenseWins

    Gotta say I'm stoked about Tee this year.

    Bet he brings that NC ring for the Florida or GA game
  18. DefenseWins

    2019 First Play From Scrimmage

    Superman stack 127 yankee R skat flair Hitting the post for 6 points

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