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    Hyams gave the reason on the Sports Source this morning why SC could fire Muschamp but UT won't fire Pruitt.

    Well, Spurrier quit, so I assume they don't have any big buyouts to pay.
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    1988 - Repeat?

    But, Johnny was in his 12th year bro!
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    The 4-8 and 5-7 seasons got Butch and Dooley fired!

    Only thing to mention. This is an all SEC season. No lower division opponents. 10 game schedule, if that. Another point. Seriously, everybody is better now. Money makes it that way. Back in the day, we barely beat most SEC opponents.
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    Harrison Bailey to Start vs. Auburn (made you look!)

    Awesome. Hopefully he plays well, but if he doesn't, JG will come in and have a career game for sure. I'd never, ever start JG, but I'd put him in after the 1st quarter every game. That's how he rolls.
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    Why no change will occur.

    So, how hard would you play? Would you risk injury playing for a team that can't score? If you can't score you can't win games. In today's game you have to score at least 30 to win against an average opponent and 40 plus against a good opponent. When you look up at the scoreboard and see 10...
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    Why no change will occur.

    Well, they seem to play really well when the offense does, which is rare. I mean, I'm sure their attitude is we have to try and jump the route and then they miss and get burned of course. The reason they have to is because the defense is the offense for this team.
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    Why no change will occur.

    Any complaints about the defense are on the offense for their 3 and out habit.
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    In an exercise of being objective, let’s at least talk about some of the good Pruitt has done

    Well, that's another thing. It's one thing to get "his guys" and yet another to get juniors and seniors that are "his guys." Realistically that takes 5 to 8 years to get enough of them that actually pan out that far into their careers.
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    2-8 is Pruitt gone?

    Hah, back in the day that may have been a tactic, but telling these over-paid coaches they will be gone if they don't show drastic improvement next year is just asking them to take their pay and spend next season gong through the motions. I'm sure recruiting would be non-existent too. Too many...
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    2-8 is Pruitt gone?

    If next year goes bad he'll be fired. The other schools are trying to get the jump on others during this weird year. They are hoping not many jobs will be open, so they can hire of the best available. That's not us. We will rinse and repeat and kick it down the road for another 3 years. The 2...
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Auburn

    UT defense 14, UT offense 0 Auburn 44 0
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    Harrison Bailey probable starter?

    Vert true, not sure why he started the UK game after his performance against UGA. He could have come off the bench and played well. I guess the coaches forgot about last year.
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    Tyler Bray's time to shine

    Best paying job in the world I would say. Imagine being 3rd string and them coming for you to put you in....I be like: "What?" "You want me to go in the game and play." "I don't remember playing in games being in my contract!"
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    Latest Coronavirus - Yikes

    But, I'm 55, lost my career in the great recession and work as a courier delivering furniture to those who didn't need the money they were given, suffered a knee replacement because of it and now I'm back in time for Christmas. Take the freaking Vaccine and quit hiding out in your house making...
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    Latest Coronavirus - Yikes

    Well, you're part of the problem then.
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    Latest Coronavirus - Yikes

    No, the vaccine is as good as our childhood disease vaccines. Over 90% is really good. I'll line right up to get it, but it makes you sick for a couple of days and you have to go through it twice. I want to see the science snowflakes put their money where their mouth is. They believe that .04...
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    Rumor out of Columbia Muschamp is out [Confirmed]

    We are so bad, that I'm sure their fans were saying "We lost to UT 2 years in a row." Fire Muschamp now!
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    Fulmer blew it this time

    Well, that's basically what I was getting at. We gave Johnny forever and we never would have had the success we had back then had it taken that long today. Pruitt may not be the guy, but Texas A&M isn't going to win the West till Saban is gone, and Jimbo will be long gone by then too. UF had way...
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    Fulmer blew it this time

    Not defending Pruitt, but this board would be talking about how Johnny was washed up and out of his league here. He won the SEC in year 9! No way we wait 9 years to start winning.
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    Remarkable for BAMA football..... very sad state for UT

    I remember those early years of the SEC championship game in which one team was heavily favored and heavily flagged the first half so the game would be close at halftime, then the refs would flag the other team in the second half. We thought we had them when we hit Davey out of bounds and...

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