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    Not good, just lost a 5 Star commitment. Terrance Lewis

    Lewis decommitment leaves Vols sans touted LB
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    Hard to blame this on Pruitt

    Not a bad synopsis and I don’t disagree with your thoughts. However, regarding Chaney, I have gotten the sense since the start of the season that Pruitt may be overruling Chaney at times. I base this on comments Pruitt has made publicly questioning Chaney’s calls. And, to be honest, I have kind...
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    Tenn vs Fla POSSIBLE CBS game next week

    Please, no.
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    Pretend you're a booster

    If I was the one negotiating, my position would be “we’ll pay you to win,” i.e per win. Say, a $1M base so you and your family can eat. Then, maybe $1M per SEC win and maybe $500k for each non-conference win. Bonuses for all coaches per win, maybe 10 percent of salary. Plus, solid bonuses for HC...
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    Some thoughts on the season (looking back)

    Hang on, easy there...
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    Just seeing if anyone can confirm

    Great. Just what we've earned this season -- a participation trophy, win or lose.
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    Be careful what we wish for

    Thanks for this and good points. However, I’m not sure all of these coaches were “in the running” to become our HC; there was talk about all of them, they were mentioned by fans, but I think a few of them kind of make this more of a wish list than coaches who actually interviewed. Correct me if...
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    The Official Tennesee @ #23 Auburn Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN

    These bum coaches are an embarrassment to the university...chicken$hit running the clock out, playing scared, shame on these coaches for being AFRAID to play football for 1:08 minutes before the half.
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    Great breakdown of this year's players.

    He was indeed, my friend. He thrilled my generation while at UT -- All-SEC, All-American, first-round draft pick, electric DB and returner, and also ran track. Dude was quick as a cat and a burner when we were becoming Wide Receiver U (with Stanley Morgan, Willie Gault, et al). Tough tackler...
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    Great breakdown of this year's players.

    Wow, thanks for posting, Giles neighbor. Great write up. I have been screaming for years at Barnes that he needs a rotation of 9-10 guys if we have any hope of making a post-season run...and that we need to build that rotation from the first day of the season. With the player-by-player review in...
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    8 Vols assistants reject UT pay cut to help with losses due to covid

    Interesting because these above are the coaches who might not be around next year. Some more at risk (Weinke, Felton, Osovet) than others. Nieds should be taken off the field as a coach and returned to a staff job because of his recruiting acumen and track record. He certainly has not earned...
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    Pete Thamel's Take on the State of UT Football

    Wow...interesting article. Thanks for posting. He makes a solid case for what many on here have already opined: Pruitt isn’t going anywhere. Our football program and university have been laughing stocks far too many times in recent years and paying Pruitt $12.5M to not coach for us would just be...
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    Offense Coordinator

    This. This is my greatest concern. If true, we are in trouble. Chaney has won wherever he's been...except here, this year. He's better than this.
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    Everything is setting up perfect against TAM

    Yes, absolutely, everything is moving in our favor... Aggies pause practices, Tennessee-Texas A&M game uncertain
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    what the hell happens in the locker room at halftime?

    The ongoing inability of our coaches to make halftime adjustments to what the other team is doing is, well, shameful. To me, it’s obvious that we are getting out-coached every single game, at least in the second half. Worse, we are playing scared and coaching scared. These things are related.
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    Intel on Pruitt situation

    I don’t buy number 1 for a second. Anybody who had watched the first several games and wanted to meddle would not choose our D-line as the very first thing that needs to be fixed by a mid-season coaching change.
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    Time for Tee Martin? (merged)

    If Chaney were to “retire,” what do you think about making Tee our OC? Granted, the “passing game coordinator” resume section this year at UT is lacking but I’m not sure how much of that is Tee’s (or Chaney’s) fault. We have no real QB threat in a room full of five QBs and our receivers can’t...
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    Top 10 defensive breakout players: Trevon flowers

    Absolutely...and deja vu from a couple of Butch seasons, when our secondary guys were the leading tacklers throughout the season.
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    This Is Just Bad Football

    This. And what that screams to me: Pruitt does not trust his quarterback and is playing scared. Or skeert. Either way, not a winning approach, it seems to me.

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