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    Bernard King's first college game. Who remembers? Where were you?

    I was fortunate enough to be at the game. Grunfeld missed the first several games with a broken arm and King was a dominant player.
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    7’1” 240lb Uros Plavsic will be a Vol (reportedly)

    Doug Ashworth was the center in King’s freshman and sophomore seasons.
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    BTO’s Auburn’s SECT edition postgame report

    I don’t think any defensive gameplan would have worked with the effort we gave today. This team played valiantly yesterday and mailed it in today.
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    Vols back to a #1 seed in ESPNs bracketology

    Whose zone has Tennessee struggled against? This team attacks a zone defense better than any Tennessee team I have watched in the 50 years following the team. This team struggles to play zone defense.
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    Our biggest need for bball vols?

    Bone is a slasher who is afraid to slash. Very few guards can stop him one on one because of his speed. He has been a slow learner in 2 seasons.
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    Lengthy Standing ovation!

    There are no NBA players on Loyola’s roster either. Today was a terrible effort to end a surprisingly good season.
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    Official Jon Gruden Thread 50

    Thanks for keeping track and posting all of this info through the process.
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    Haslams are the Cancer.

    And you are naive.
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    Official Jon Gruden Thread XLII

    Washington is not in the conference championship game—Stanford plays USC.
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    Official Jon Gruden Thread XLII

    Might be 50,000 here.
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    Official Jon Gruden thread 32.

    That’s correct—it is a common practice for corporate aircraft.
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    Official Jon Gruden Thread 31

    Jon Gruden thread (merged) Here is the first 2012 thread. Someone linked it earlier today.
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    Official Jon Gruden Thread XXVII

    I keep reading it’s a good list. That’s the best list I have seen.:)
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    Another Butch Jones Quote - Shaking My Head

    5-3 and 4-4 SEC records are nothing to brag about the last 2 seasons.
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    9-1-16? (Vols' season opener moved to Thursday)

    The city is not "hosing the university"--the tax is paid by the ticket buyer. If anyone is getting hosed, it is the ticket buyer.
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    CBS Sports: Butch Jones is in trouble

    What lack of interest by the administration? Tennessee athletics is the first thing incoming freshman are exposed to during orientation. I have 2 kids at UT and UT athletics is one of the biggest things emphasized. The bigger problem is having incompetent athletic directors and board...
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    I don't think some of you get it

    They earned a participation trophy. 80 teams play in bowls--your team has to be BAD to not qualify for a bowl.
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    Any old timers?

    This is far worse. Worst of those years was '77 and the '78 team improved greatly as the year went on. The '80 team lost 2 heartbreakers to Georgia and Southern Cal to start the season.
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    Can anyone name a more inept athletic department considering the resources.

    Since Tennessee was terrible in basketball most of your early life--1984 through 1997--you have no reference point of how good Tennessee basketball was from the mid 1960s to 1983 and how electric Stokely Athletics Center could be. That is the reason TBA was built with 24K seats--demand for...
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    Proud of our effort

    By losing? How did we prove we could beat anybody in the nation? We are 3-11 in games decided by less than 10 points. We proved we cannot win close games.

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