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  1. musolfmj

    Cade Mays waiver denied

    Not sure how NCAA "law" is written. Thou shall not play for a year or thou shall not get a scholarship.
  2. musolfmj

    Jalen Hurd injury...

    Kids, go sit in the corner, be nice and say you're sorry.
  3. musolfmj

    PAC-12 cancels football in Fall 2020.

    MWAVolfan picked up on it first. When I noticed I posted a thread on the B-Ball forum. The PAC 12 is also zapping basketball for 2020. Lord no, not that, too.
  4. musolfmj

    PAC 12 Whacking Basketball Too

    Several reports say basketball among all their sports that will be shut down through 2020. Damn, here we go.
  5. musolfmj

    Tennessee Chancellor

    Mo is turning around,
  6. musolfmj

    Breaking: Vols’ schedule additions

    OK, so we're playing with the big boys. I think we're ready to do that, maybe pull out two or three. Keep things moving in the right direction. I'd be good with that. GO VOLS!!
  7. musolfmj

    2020 v. Kiffin & Orgeron

    Not yet a done deal on these two says Finebaum. Sankey to share in 10 minutes or so.
  8. musolfmj

    Countdown to Kickoff vs South Carolina

    Well Peay, back to work, huh? We'll give you a free redo for all the work you put in.
  9. musolfmj

    Conference only schedule

    And the reports can be found at....?
  10. musolfmj


    I'm not as analytically astute as most of. you. I just have a feeling we have the right coach and AD to keep this ball rolling. I see recruiting going very well, youngsters who seem to respect and follow their coaches. Another year or so of this mixed with our resources and a top tier...
  11. musolfmj

    Iowa Football Players Put Fans On Notice

    Well dadgum! So it's the media who stirred up this ruckus. And here I been told it was the Democrats.
  12. musolfmj

    All this QB talk and the one forgotten..

    Quickly forgotten, but without an excellent second half of quarterbacking by J.T. Shrout we don't beat South Carolina and get last year going in the right direction. Maybe he's gamer and we don't know it?
  13. musolfmj

    Who would you start at QB?

    Peyton Manning.
  14. musolfmj

    '21 FL ILB Terrence Lewis

    Over/under on Vol Nation attendance at 3 o'clcock today?
  15. musolfmj

    '21 CA SDE Korey Foreman

    I had a stroke Feb. 2. This kinda excitement could be dangerous. Oh well, having "He lost it over the best there was" on my tombstone wouldn't be all bad.
  16. musolfmj

    Scholarship numbers

    This guy here. He's one of us. Does a great job. Phil Turner 423-366-0556
  17. musolfmj

    Scholarship numbers

    Seems that at any point in time the answer to the man's question is always the same. Nobody knows. Oh well.
  18. musolfmj

    '21 AL WR Roc Taylor (Tennessee commit)

    Had this feller a while back. JJ or sumpin' like that. Made some nice plays.
  19. musolfmj

    Auburn alum Tim Cook

    Same on my laptop.????
  20. musolfmj

    SEC Network To Show Tennessee Day On Friday

    Thanks much. I can be really stoopid, but I also they could simplify a bit.

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