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  1. CTVolsfan14

    A small ray of sunshine.

    As a lifelong Vol fan born and raised in CT, even without a major interest in womens hoops this is a special game. Yeah, we had waaay too many turnovers, a lot of them unforced. But they played hard, punched first early and played inspired. I'm excited to see what the future holds for this...
  2. CTVolsfan14

    Thank You, Vol Fans! - From City of Jax

    Randall, I lived in St Augustine for 3+ years and am now in Orlando. As just a common fan it was quite incredible to see the orange takeover in North East Florida this past week. Jacksonville was a great host and is a great bowl game destination. The boys squeaking out a win late was the...
  3. CTVolsfan14

    Gator Bowl Attendance (Largest since 2011)

    Confirmed. I was there lower bowl and pretty much every food item was sold out by half. The Jags team did their job though, had cold Yuenglings throughout
  4. CTVolsfan14

    Gator Bowl Attendance (Largest since 2011)

    I was at the game. At times esp near the end it was LOUD. This fan base truly is incredible. The fact that it's so supportive, shows out to any game at any place, only helps with recruiting & overall vibe of the program.
  5. CTVolsfan14

    Didn't prepay parking, what's the plan

    Used to live in St Augustine so have attended a bunch of games at The Bank (Now TIAA or whatver the hell it's called). Your best bet is the garages or pay lots near maxwell house & the baseball stadium. Easiest to get in and get out and normally a lot of fun tailgates going on too. You can...
  6. CTVolsfan14

    2019 Team MVP w/2 games to go

    I voted Bituli. I love Jennings as much as the next guy and he's our offensive MVP no question. His heart, his leadership and desire is unmatched there. We have some talented WRs behind him however, and I've never been one to believe that individuals that play outside the numbers win and lose...
  7. CTVolsfan14

    Statistical Projection of 2019 Offense

    are we beating gators or not..
  8. CTVolsfan14

    Which players will Pruitt bring to Media Days?

    Guarantano HAS to be there. 4 year player, 2 year starter.. if he isn't there it's slightly concerning. Taylor I'd like to see as our top NFL prospect and arguable leader of the defense. My third pick would be a toss up between Calloway (was there last year, makes sense) and Bituli (sp?).
  9. CTVolsfan14

    Vols - gators pre-sale

    No worries man. Yeah, I'd love to meet up with some fellow Vol fans during the season. Message me on twitter or something and we can figure it out @cjsousa14.
  10. CTVolsfan14

    Rankings/Stars/NBA draft

    At the end of the day so much of it comes down to what kids go to what camps, how much exposure they get, and in LIMITED opportunitites how do they perform. Also, theyre 14-17 years old when these evals are being made. I don't even think its the recruiting services who mess up, I just think...
  11. CTVolsfan14

    The Jarrett Guarantano debate thread...

    Watch how fast his "footwork" improves if he's not running for his life this year. Watch how his footwork "doesn't improve" when he, once again, is running for his life on any 5 step drop or shot gun snap. Funny how that works
  12. CTVolsfan14

    In my opinion, MSU or Vandy got the shaft

    could care less what happens in college baseball.. does not mean I can't have a F&*@ them attitude towards them in any situation.
  13. CTVolsfan14

    It all comes down to whether or not we can finally beat Vandy.

    That game is in November. Although I don't totally disagree with you, there's A LOT of football to be played before we play them. I refuse to think about Vanderbilt in july, august, September or October...sorry
  14. CTVolsfan14

    What Is Tennessee’s Ideal Offensive Line for 2019?

    Best case scenario is Trey Smith at LT no? I understand both Wanya and Darnell are Tackles by trade but the start of starting two 18 year olds at tackle scares me. Would prefer the expierence at LT with Trey and kick Wanya inside, just my opinion who's only watched a handful of clips of the...
  15. CTVolsfan14

    The Bull Might Return (Trey Smith)

    Trey is our best player, bar none. If he can play that SIGNIFICANTLY improves the outlook on our season. That being said, what he's been battling is very serious. Frankly just hope the kid can live a healthy life, if he can play football too that's just a bonus.
  16. CTVolsfan14

    In my opinion, MSU or Vandy got the shaft

    Vanderbilt could literally be shut down by direct order of the Governor's office just because he felt like it and I would never claim "they got the shaft" or have any pity on them. F&^$ em!
  17. CTVolsfan14

    How not redshirting Tee lost Fulmer his job

    Just talking granular here and not the specifics - but sometimes it's not so black and white. You can risk the incoming player transferring on a redshirt. Maybe the player said up front I will not be here for 5 years and would graduate and leave as a redshirt JR, then you might as well keep...
  18. CTVolsfan14

    Vols - gators pre-sale

    I live in Baldwin Park man.. similar sentiments. Haven't missed a Vols football game in gainesville since the early Dooley era but this year I'm up in the air.. Probably a gametime decision for me. Also - you know any good spots in the O to watch the Vols? I'm newer here, but lived in St...
  19. CTVolsfan14

    A lesson from the South

    Anyone else here have a real fear that they can and will beat us? I mean.. I'd expect a single digit spread, probably within one score..
  20. CTVolsfan14

    Cordarrelle Patterson

    As a Patriots fan he was so fun to watch this past season...really felt like we used him similarly to how he was used here on Rocky Top. Led the NFL in sweep YPC, had a KR TD, and was our RB1 for a short stretch when injuries were piling up. Special talent

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