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  1. Ashevillevol

    Harrison Bailey to Start vs. Auburn (made you look!)

    That must be it. He’s going to start the second half. 👍
  2. Ashevillevol


    We should have taken Kiffin back when we were looking. He would have crawled back here.
  3. Ashevillevol

    *****Pick the Score Contest: Kentucky

    UT 35 UK 17 140 yds
  4. Ashevillevol

    *****Pick the Score Contest: Georgia

    TN 24 GA 21 88 yds.
  5. Ashevillevol

    Tennessee-Georgia a chess match between undefeated teams

    That’s gonna leave a mark. :eek:
  6. Ashevillevol

    *****Pick the Score Contest: Missouri

    UT 31 Missouri 17 221 yds
  7. Ashevillevol


    Lolol... JG says not only will he be back next year, but he feels he is getting this passing thing down and can contribute til he is at least 30. Will have to be dragged from the huddle after refusing to accept the results of the latest VN poll regarding his replacement.
  8. Ashevillevol

    A Mizzu fan reply to UGA and FL fans...

    Lol. Don’t be an arse.
  9. Ashevillevol

    Tennessee Mailbox not cover.

    Just paint the one you’ve got.
  10. Ashevillevol

    Should schools be eligible for some sort of government bailout?

    Lmao. They’ve been getting bailouts for years in the form of government student loans that allowed them to jack up exorbitant tuition fees. And the kids and /or parents are the ones paying the “bailouts”.
  11. Ashevillevol

    Why is Bituli not projected as a 1-2 round pick???

    He’s definitely going to end up signed and in a training camp somewhere. He will get the opportunity to prove himself and he will get everything he deserves. What more could anyone ask? He had a good run here. I hope he does well going forward.
  12. Ashevillevol

    It really is amazing how many strength coaches we’ve had

    Or it could be argued he’s doing better than all of us.
  13. Ashevillevol

    '20 TX RB Zachary Evans

    Reminds me of Bryce Brown. Just don’t see it turning out well. We can live without the drama.
  14. Ashevillevol

    Where are we from?

    Sarasota now. Kinda chilly this morning.
  15. Ashevillevol

    Now that the season is over...

    OD you are the true embodiment of a fan. Your enthusiasm and positivity in the face of criticism and derision is nice to see. Especially now that we see things starting to turn in our favor after a long time in the football wilderness. Cheers to you.
  16. Ashevillevol

    New lockers

    Was something wrong with the old lockers?
  17. Ashevillevol

    Titans going to AFC championship

    Watching the Chiefs run over Texans, don’t see Titans playing past next week. But they did great to get this far.
  18. Ashevillevol

    How much football experience do you have?

    I thought it said 26???😮
  19. Ashevillevol

    RUMOR Ags targeting Coach Nied

    don't muddy the water with precise terminology. you're going to give everybody a headache.
  20. Ashevillevol

    '20 NV TE Darnell Washington (UGA commit)

    Still butthurt over Cadillac Williams

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