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  1. volfaninky

    First Horizon UT Debit Card Contest

  2. volfaninky

    Worst SEC fans ranked....

    Kentucky all day every day, the worst
  3. volfaninky

    Poll: Will You Empty Neyland in 2021?

    Yes. I guess my blood is orange. I’ve had season tickets for 40 years and that won’t change. Game day to me is a family reunion with family and friends, the game is just a bonus, if we win even better but I’ll never stop going because we don’t win every week.
  4. volfaninky

    Poll: Will You Empty Neyland in 2021?

    Awesome that 2/3 of you guys won’t be there... my seats just got better! Thanks
  5. volfaninky

    Skycast view

    I love it!!! No announcers! Cool views, hear the chatter, etc
  6. volfaninky

    Vandy starts true freshman QB

    Now they play Garth after the 3rd quarter also? Unreal
  7. volfaninky

    Girls of Auburn

    Let it begin...
  8. volfaninky

    2020–2021 schedule release

    Looks like Gonzaga game is set: Vols Set for Another Neutral-Site Showdown vs. Gonzaga - University of Tennessee Athletics Eight top hoops teams to play over two nights
  9. volfaninky

    Why are so many Vol fans against Coach Pruitt all of the sudden?

    Losing to Ky usually gets you fired here
  10. volfaninky

    JG listed as starter for Auburn game

    Miracle Part II in the Plains?
  11. volfaninky

    Vandy Playing KY Tougher

    Hold your sunshine pumping for how good Ky is until after they get manhandled next week to go to an impressive 3-5 on the year.
  12. volfaninky

    Vandy Playing KY Tougher

    Ky is not good. No way we lose without turnovers.
  13. volfaninky

    Disturbing Kroger in Hendersonville

    Disagree with Bridgestone. It was built for the Preds and people in this city love them win or lose!
  14. volfaninky

    One pick is in...

  15. volfaninky

    Pruitt apparently caught it tonight on Vol Calls

    Real question is... how did he answer??
  16. volfaninky

    Auburn gets two weeks

    JG has already thrown all over them once... just sayin
  17. volfaninky

    2 UT vs Florida and A&M and G10 parking

    Email me at
  18. volfaninky

    Peyton Manning Game Worn UT Jersey....FINALLY!!!

    Love the story behind this and so happy for you!!
  19. volfaninky

    Arkansas bound!

    Bring home a victory!
  20. volfaninky

    2020–2021 schedule release

    wow... really? You’re that guy. Gotcha

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