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  1. OrangePower

    The most boring thread

    It was awful! Lost Cobb to dismissal the year before, then Webb gone after game 2 I think it was.
  2. OrangePower

    The most boring thread

    Ohio St running back fails to reach goal line in Citrus Bowl loss Pacific loses football game, Vols lose more
  3. OrangePower

    TN guys listed on 49er’s roster and ducks pulling trucks

    J Jennings J Kongbo E. Mosely Daniel Helm & J Hurd (I know I know, transfers) JJ and Teez Tabor are teammates now.....hope JJ rubs it in some more on the first day of workouts. I miss football.
  4. OrangePower

    Does Gray have the size?

    Man, when I think back (I was 9 in 89’) on Chuck Webb I always think of him at like 6’3 250. Eddie Georgish. Me and my stepbrother used to run the Cobb-Webb dual attack in the backyard lol
  5. OrangePower

    5 Vols Poised for a Breakout Season

    1- Cedric Tillman 2- Elijah Simmons 3- K Bennett 4- Bryce Thompson 5- Shawn Shamburger These are the ones I’m hoping are poised for a breakout season.
  6. OrangePower

    Spring practice is here!

    I’m excited to see/hear about E Simmons and if he will be a factor, LB competition, improvement at OL 2’s, emergence of leaders on O and D
  7. OrangePower

    I met Jauan Jennings today

    I went too! Agree with you, he was very appreciative and great with everybody.
  8. OrangePower

    Quarterbacks Orange

    I would agree with you. It has been mentioned before that what the coaches see in the games is not what they see/saw in practice. May have had a great camp, who knows
  9. OrangePower

    Quarterbacks Orange

    I was just responding to the context of the JG we see on HS film vs what we’ve seen since he took his first snap at TN. I too am an optimist, most that are having a discussion on a Vols football forum mid February are. He is not the first to disappoint and he won’t be the last. Maybe we see a...
  10. OrangePower

    Quarterbacks Orange

    You could easily make a video of some plays at Tennessee that look just like these passes....late and underthrown but still completed passes. You can also identify that he has been staring down receivers before he got to TN and never stopped. As far as the running, most look like designed run...
  11. OrangePower

    Random, but wondering if Pruitts have had their new baby?

    Shoulder problems coming soon lol
  12. OrangePower

    VOLS enjoyed 1st Class Flight to Jacksonville..

    I think it’s Kivon Bennett. I could be wrong though.
  13. OrangePower

    *****[LIVE] 2020 Early Signing Day Thread, updated as the commits sign

    I should know this but I don’t .....what is CB mean in this context?
  14. OrangePower

    Who will redshirt

    I would think both of the fresh TE’s, Jackson Lowe and Sean Brown? I could have names wrong
  15. OrangePower

    Three players put on scholarship today

    Not to be confused with Aubrey Solomon and Kuratt(sp?) Garland
  16. OrangePower

    Jauan Jennings — All-time Receiving Tracker (UPDATED)

    Not enough that anybody other than you care to even consider.
  17. OrangePower

    Vols Practice Thread Tuesday

    I love these practice updates and enjoy reading them, Fingers does an awesome job! (I know, I know, twss)......but..... Calbert looking good: Yet we never see him play JG looking the sharpest during drills: very unsharp on Saturdays. Means and Beasley musical chairs: insignificant as always...

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