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  1. MothershipChip

    With two of the three spots filled, Vols 9th in SEC recruiting

    I know that, which is why I said you were not doing so. The argument has been made so many times I felt I needed to say what I did. I wasn't trying to negate your post at all, and perhaps I shouldn't have posted, I just wanted to point out Stokes was a part of that class. I am sorry if you took...
  2. MothershipChip

    With two of the three spots filled, Vols 9th in SEC recruiting

    He was a member no question. I am not saying you are doing this, but rewriting history does not work to prove a point.
  3. MothershipChip

    With two of the three spots filled, Vols 9th in SEC recruiting

    In my opinion, we should let these guys senior years play out. It seems as if both of them have very recently improved and will continue to do so. I may be wrong, and unlike a lot of folks around here, will be glad to admit it once the time comes. The staff likes these kids, to the point that VQ...
  4. MothershipChip

    What player are you most excited to watch this year?

    Mostella, I would like to see that leaping ability in person and how it translates to this level.
  5. MothershipChip

    I found a replacement for McKnight

    Unfortunately, I hear he is a Kit Kat inside.
  6. MothershipChip

    Mostella Cleared by Clearinghouse

    I have never been so happy to have have been so wrong about something in my life.
  7. MothershipChip

    Eric McKnight appeal denied

    Correct me if I am wrong but I thought Mostella already was cleared by the SEC. I was under the impression that he was awaiting word from the NCAA clearinghouse.
  8. MothershipChip

    Eric McKnight appeal denied

    Good thing Owens had that growth spurt.
  9. MothershipChip

    2013-14 UT vs USM NCAA Stats

    Thank you for taking the time to put this together. The more I read about Tyndall's previous teams the better I feel about this upcoming season.
  10. MothershipChip

    '13 SG Detrick Mostella (UT signee 5/7/14)

    I hope I am wrong, but I don't see this dude ever playing for the Vols.
  11. MothershipChip

    Darius Thompson is gone.

    Good Luck to Darius. We need to do our best to remember these kids are student athletes.
  12. MothershipChip

    For ESPN insiders

    For the person that asked Zo and Cal got an I for incomplete. The blurb only mentions Okoroh calling him a "big get". FWIW as little as this matters Donnie got a B- in less time than Zo has had to put together his class. I wonder what the grade would've been with the original recruits plus...
  13. MothershipChip

    JUCO G Kevin Punter

    FWIW one of the SMU scout writers said yesterday that with one scholarship left Cornish is Brown's top priority after they missed on Myles Turner. Perhaps Punter got wind of that and decided to look elsewhere. If we can get Punter here I think we have a good shot.
  14. MothershipChip

    '14 PA PF Elijah Minnie

    Who would be the better pick up at forward Minnie or Tariq Owens? They both seem to have similar size.
  15. MothershipChip

    Status of Lopez and Campbell?

    I don't see how my comments are disgusting as they are not intended in any way to be disparaging to either player.I am both appreciative and ecstatic that they have chosen to sacrifice for the University of Tennessee.I believe it would be difficult to quantify in words the work they do to better...
  16. MothershipChip

    Status of Lopez and Campbell?

    If Lopez and Campbell play significant minutes this entire deal will end up being a disaster. I just don't get running off these players when the well is already dry. If it was their own choice I can understand, if the rumors are true and Tyndall pushed the recruits away I don't get it...
  17. MothershipChip

    He gone (official)

    Good luck to the young man. I am looking forward to cheering him on wherever he lands.
  18. MothershipChip

    Most likely first round upset

    Joe Lunardi has also predicted an Iowa win. I guess ESPN hates the Vols again.

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