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    Mississippi State -6.5

    If Mauer is healthy and plays the whole game I think we have a good chance of winning. Despite what people on this board may have you believe we are still the more talented team.
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    We got the right coach

    Sorry but the fact Mauer looked so much better than JG has me even more convinced he is not the guy. It’s akin to Butch playing Hurd over Kamara or Worley over Dobbs.
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    We got the right coach

    This same argument was given for Dooley and Butch and it only works when you’re not losing to teams lesser talented teams like Vandy and BYU.
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    You don’t want Mike Leach and here’s why

    “ThAt WoN’t WOrK iN ThE SeC We’Re tHe OnlY ConFEreNce thAt PlAyS DeFEnSe”
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    The Official Tennessee @ #9 Florida Game Thread, 12:00 PM ET, ESPN

    He didn’t even play a full quarter.
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    Takes time to build a program.

    He over achieved with 5 wins??? Our recruiting classes are consistently in the top 25 yet 5 wins last year was over achieving?
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    Maurer vs. Shrout vs. JG (merged)

    Impossible to tell. First time playing for each and many of the passes were on 3rd down. They each need to play enough to get into a rhythm in order to make at least a semi accurate evaluation.
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    We can still win the east. Season has not even started. One more week of pre-seson

    This is the only silver lining. Obviously we won’t win the east but the coaches will be forced to make a QB change, or the AD will be forced to make a coaching change
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    Jarret Guarantano better than most vol fans think

    This times 1,000. It’s not uncommon for a player to perform well in practice and drills but not carry that over into games. Nate Peterman ring a bell?
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    Starting tomorrow morning

    If Wilcox has stayed I imagine they would have gone at least 8-4 his third year. Bray, Patterson, Hunter. The offense was phenomenal that year, too bad Sunserri and the Swiss cheese D made it all for naught
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    Starting tomorrow morning

    I StiLl BeliEVe In CoAcH PruITt
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    Stop being Ps

    Thanks man. I’ll start reevaluating my life.
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    The reality if we were to fire Pruitt.

    We have talent. Is it quite on the level of a team like Alabama? No, but we consistently get top 25 classes despite losing and I guarantee we have more talent than teams like Georgia State and Vanderbilt. I don’t know the numbers but I guarantee at least 90% of the roster had offers from...
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    Curious how people feel about the reason for the loss.

    We get this excuse every time we have a new coach.
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    If you're not listening to the Swain Event, you're missing out.

    We’ve said that about the last 3 coaches

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