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    Team News (current roster)

    Wouldn't the SEC Defensive POY be our best defender? Or did you just mean of the guards? I like Gaines, but if he's averaging much more than 6mpg, either he's improved lightyears in the offseason, or something has gone horribly wrong, and I fear it'd be the latter.
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    Coach Garrett Medenwald Shoots CrossBow in Subdivision

    I'm picturing the OP posting these in the hospital ER with the arrow stuck in him, like "yes, I know exactly where the arrow went, and I'm not exactly happy about it"
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    Tennessee Vols Basketball Recruiting

    "It's the Yale of the South" is what I've always heard
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    The Official “Regular Posters of the Basketball Forum” Thread

    Yeah, I'd bet it looks a lot closer to 0% capacity than 50%. And if that allows us to have a season and march madness then so be it.
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    Tennessee Vols Basketball Recruiting

    ESPN says his plans are to transfer in the spring after the season. Yale's Atkinson, Ivy co-POY, to transfer in spring
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Kentucky

    UT - 31 UK - 24 210 rushing yards
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    Team News (current roster)

    Anyone foresee them putting out a lineup of Vescovi, Johnson, Springer, and JJJ to go along with 1 of the 3 main posts? Obviously this wouldn't be the main lineup, but a change of pace. JJJ should be able to hold his own down there on D against most teams.
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    I'm looking for big things from Davonte this year! (also video interview)

    Right. I didn't word that very well. Like you said, if you're the size Gaines is, and he's not a dude that's going to gain much more weight, you better have elite speed or offensive skills. I like Gaines and what he brings at the college level, but I don't see even a remote chance of those...
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    I'm looking for big things from Davonte this year! (also video interview)

    I scanned several of the NBA rosters, as I was curious. It's not actually unheard of to have close to that size in the NBA. Jordan McRae is listed at 6'5, 179. Gaines won't get too much bigger, but I'm sure he'll pick up a few more pounds. Size isn't what will keep Gaines from playing at the...
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Georgia

    Tennessee - 13 Georgia - 24 Palmer: 35 yards
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    Kentucky game kickoff set for noon

    Joking aside, I think Oklahoma has to be the best 0-2 team in the country. I think it's between you guys, Texas Tech, South Carolina, and Louisville for #2.
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    ‘21 GA PF Jabari Smith

    I never feel confident in a recruiting battle with Auburn in any sport.
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    ‘21 GA PF Jabari Smith

    This is going to be a long 3 days. Man, this is a huge decision.
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    Did anybody notice the depth chart changes for OL?

    Shamburger’s been on the depth chart every week, hasn’t he?
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    Kentucky game kickoff set for noon

    Lol. That is a very Kentucky football thing to say, LittleCat.
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    Tennessee is back (relevant)

    Yeah, our OL this year is way better. Would love to have Barnett, JR-M, Tuttle, and Sutton to add to our D this year though!
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    Made a Bet this Morning

    If you don't make at least $100 on that bet, then we have no chance of winning.
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    Tennessee is back (relevant)

    I would say 2016 was a better team if you exclude the coaching staffs. That team was loaded. Overall I agree with you though. The Georgia and Alabama fans may be overlooking us. But I think the players are dialing into the fact that they better come to play or they could very well lose to us.
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    Thoughts on the Missouri game, after sleeping on it

    I think #11 should officially change his name to Henry Toots. That’s awesome 😀
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    I admit it. I don’t like having Missouri in the SEC

    They don’t fit in with the rest of the conference at all. I don’t mind having 14 teams, and A&M was a nice addition, but Missouri doesn’t add much of anything. It’s a pro sports state with a culture that just doesn’t mesh with the rest of the league. VA Tech would have been a much better...

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