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    Daniel McCullers Makes NFL Debut

    In case no one noticed, Austin Johnson is playing for the Saints . . . as a fullback . . . and caught a touchdown pass from Drew Brees.
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    Hate Dick Vitale

    Disgusting affected commentary. Maybe Brent Musburger is worse. Nah.
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    Knoxville Sports Radio

    Really enjoy Erik Ainge on the drive to work. Big improvement over the offering on 990 AM. I do like Will West and Josh Ward when I can catch them around noon.
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    Heather Harrington on the Sports Animal makes my...

    She's a heckuva a lot smarter than that moron Dearstone. He should stick to Lady Vols play by play, where he does a fair job. His fake argumentative crap got old a couple of years ago but he continues with that incessant inane drivel. If they would get rid of Dearstone, Ms Harrington would be...

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