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  1. UTHorsey

    Chris Petersen thread (merged)

    Yep, this is 100% spot on.
  2. UTHorsey

    Chris Petersen thread (merged)

    My co-worker, who is a K-State alum had this to say this morning, before Currie's firing was made official. "Well, if he is fired he has a soft landing spot at WSU. KSU’s old president Kirk Schultz is there now and he ran off Bill Moos who said Schultz created a toxic environment for...
  3. UTHorsey

    Chris Petersen thread (merged)

    I mean, never say never. But he's from UC Davis, not like he's some guy who will leave for his alma mater some day. I think he'll be at Washington as long as Washington will have him. The UW fanbase is passionate, but they aren't quite as vocal as we can be so there's little chance of that...
  4. UTHorsey

    Chris Petersen thread (merged)

    So long as Peterson is there, Washington is a top 15 team. They've got the money (like UT, their athletic department makes $) they've got the facilities, and they've got the fan base.
  5. UTHorsey

    Chris Petersen thread (merged)

    UW employee and Vol alum checking in. The AD wouldn't be doing their job if they didn't reach out to everyone possible, including Peterson. That said, this is never going to happen. It's a waste of time to even think about it. I grew up in the PNW and have had UW ties my whole life and my...
  6. UTHorsey

    Leach beat

    At WSU he's only one game over .500, he's 122-80 overall as a head coach. If you're going to call someone out, at least get your own facts straight first.
  7. UTHorsey

    Shawshank Redemption

    I can't stand David Shaw's whiny face. He's the perfect crybaby to take over at Stanford after Harbaugh. I guess I could get over that if he was a winner at UT.
  8. UTHorsey

    Can we STOP pressing our influence now?

    UT alum working for UW. Peterson ain't going to happen. Not a chance.
  9. UTHorsey

    John Currie to Washington State

    Coworker who is kstate alum texted me this, this morning "Well, if he is fired he has a soft landing spot at WSU. KSU’s old president Kirk Schultz is there now and he ran off Bill Moos who said Schultz created a toxic environment for Athletics. Currie was his little ventriloquist doll when...
  10. UTHorsey

    Florida cancels game vs Northern Colorado

    Wonder if the 9 players still suspended for the Northern Colorado game will remain suspended the following week.
  11. UTHorsey

    2012 article calls Butch Jones a fraud.

    Column: Butch Jones commitment to Cincy was pretense Pretty much nailed it. "Dear Tennessee fans: When your new coach starts spouting the corny slogans and the silly mantras, you have one move to make, and that's for your coats."
  12. UTHorsey

    Statement from Hurd on Twitter

    Doesn't make sense to me. Not sure how injuries play into transferring and how the style of offense would matter if he's wanting to play wr or te. Regarding the spread option, Marshawn Lynch had the best years of his career in the spread and retired with 9000 career rushing yards. It's in...
  13. UTHorsey

    This fanbase infuriates me.

    Gross. You want a guy who doesn't report a gang rape running your program?
  14. UTHorsey

    So is Butch Monday presser still on?? Update: Link

    Calm down guy. Butch is just putting the finishing touches on his Halloween costume before coming out.
  15. UTHorsey

    Arian Foster just retired

    I guess he can go open his "Philosophy Store" now...
  16. UTHorsey

    AP Poll voters hate us

    Are you talking about Stanford (mascot is a tree) or Cal? Because Stanford got stomped by Washington and Cal isn't very good.
  17. UTHorsey

    AP Poll voters hate us

    This is a funny thread... AP put us at #9 again.
  18. UTHorsey

    Tennessee prepare for Legal Action?

    According to ESPN, the game has to be played "down the road" - LSU-Florida postponed but must make up game down the road - ESPN Video
  19. UTHorsey

    Guest Picker?

    That would actually be really cool... a WWE style entrance with pyrotechnics and whatnot.
  20. UTHorsey

    Guest Picker?

    I think technically it was James Wilhoit.

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