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  1. Vol_sanity


    100% he is a member of Voltwitter
  2. Vol_sanity

    Maurer transferring [fake news]

    Maurer tweeted that it was false🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. Vol_sanity

    Maurer transferring [fake news]

    Per fox sports he is hitting the portal
  4. Vol_sanity

    UFC Thread

    Keep an eye out for Impa, He is gonna be fighting for championhips some day. Fun fact, he tailgated and attended the UGA game last year in Knoxville.
  5. Vol_sanity

    '19 GA DB Kenyatta Watson II

    Can’t be true...experts on this board said he’s not leaving Texas
  6. Vol_sanity

    '18 MD DE Eyabi Anoma

    Ole Miss
  7. Vol_sanity

    Talk of Chip Long to Tennessee as Offensive Analyst

    I just realized reading on Twitter that Long was at Memphis and was the guy that left the voicemail to Hurd throwing shade at
  8. Vol_sanity

    Talk of Chip Long to Tennessee as Offensive Analyst

    From Twitter...thoughts?
  9. Vol_sanity

    Super Bowl Ring

    Hurd will always trigger some, and I get that. It was a sad end to what could have ended with him being on top of a great list of RB's. Was a huge recruit at a time when we needed something to feel good about with this program. I get why he quit mid season, but I mostly blame CBJ. Really is...
  10. Vol_sanity

    Twitter champions here?

    JG’s dad called one of them out... then Bryce Thompson did the same😬
  11. Vol_sanity

    '19 GA DB Kenyatta Watson II

    I’m riding the wave from
  12. Vol_sanity

    '19 GA DB Kenyatta Watson II

    Oops, I think it was pops, but let’s monitor the situation
  13. Vol_sanity

    '19 GA DB Kenyatta Watson II

    Tweeting that big news coming and wanya Morris commented on it... let’s start up the rumor mill?
  14. Vol_sanity

    Newest man cave additions

    That’s really cool and something I need. My son has a Jauan Jennings jersey and got it signed after the bowl game by Henry T, Nigel, Trey, Callaway, Pruitt, E Gray and Morvean Joseph. The problem is the signatures are all over the jersey(front and back) so a display like this would be perfect!!
  15. Vol_sanity

    Made it on ESPN

    In my section, they were pretty bad. Most of them chanted IU when Bituli was down on the field. I was told, not asked, to sit down multiple times. I told them to kick rocks or make me an offer on my tickets. Lots of F bombs from them late in the 4th, which is a problem when my boys are with...
  16. Vol_sanity

    Rutgers 2020 QB?

    Not sure what to do with this Butchna
  17. Vol_sanity

    Rutgers 2020 QB?

    All true possibilities, but if I’m advising JG, I’m telling him to bet on himself.
  18. Vol_sanity

    Rutgers 2020 QB?

    I don’t think anybody beat JG out...that’s the problem. JG played so inconsistent, they had to make moves. End result was always going back to JG. We don’t get to 8-5 with anybody else on our roster. BM wasn’t beating Kentucky.
  19. Vol_sanity

    Rutgers 2020 QB?

    JG has had a different OC every year. Transferring makes no sense, because it would just continue that trend. Go pro...or stay and see if he can be consistent in Chaney’s system. On another note, we saw JG’s family after the game. His dad seemed to be a wreck. I could tell that it was a...
  20. Vol_sanity

    *****2020 Gator Bowl Tennessee vs Indiana (Full game video)

    Those are my boys and mom, was funny to see them right when I opened this thread...thanks Freak!!! They were on TV right after Shamburgers INT

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