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    Butch Jones receives high praise from Saban

    Man I was just thinking about how weird of a guy butch really is. The guy has been a “special assistant” to Saban for over 3 years now. A guy that’s been a head coach for over 10 years and made somewhere around 50 million dollars (between salary and endorsements) is basically running errands for...
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    Will there be a coaching change if we go 4-6 or worse?

    There’s no chance in hell its happening. And it shouldn’t. The coaching searches just set us back so much. We have to commit to Pruitt. But what I’d like to see is fulmer giving him some clear demands. Mainly...telling him point blank to get Jg the hell out of the game. Also, we need to stop...
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    Glimmer of hope for QB?

    That article says nothing about the qb position
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    Found this little nugget...

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    Use the Dolphins as a guide, Pruitt.

    The only problem with your post op is you have compared JG to Fitz. There’s an absolute world of difference there. Fitz is a great an. Probably top 20 guy in the league. But I understand what you are saying. He’s obviously not a Russell Wilson it Patrick mahomes and for all they know tua could...
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    Tennessee Vols fans [merged]

    oh my god. Too funny. Lol. That’s what I get for being a hypocrite!
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    Tennessee Vols fans [merged]

    We need to grammar police to get involved with this one. I couldn’t get through the first sentence. Are you mad at us fans for being unrealistic? Or mad at the administration? You’re mad at someone. Lol
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    What about Kasim Hill?

    I was thinking about this over the last few days. It barely made the news when he left. There’s never been anything written as to why. My honest guess is that he spoke with the staff about the situation and was told point black “JG is the qb here. He gives us the best chance to win”. Lol. What...
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    Energy of this program and its supporters

    So you think fans complaining is creating bad teams? I see no correlation. And for the record I think we have one of the most amazing and passionate fan bases in all of sports. We’ve literally sucked for 15+ years and yet still sell out 100k plus seats at our stadium. But we won’t accept...
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    Defensive Leaders Should Step Up for a QB Change

    Man I’m so sick of comments like this. You just are brainwashed by Pruitt. It’s almost impossible for any of our others qbs to be worse than Jg. Literally...he’s probably the worst qb we’ve ever played here. But Pruitt has to choose to put those others in the game. They can’t put themselves in...
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    I Know They Will Kick Our @$$.......

    The biggest joke on earth is our coach trotting out JG for another snap then telling the media the mistakes are not his fault and that he gives us the best chance to win. We literally hired the dumbest human being that’s ever coached football I’m convinced. We are the ultimate laughing stock of...
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    So you say Jg is maybe the worst qb in college football but that you like cjp because he has a good track record of putting the best players out there? If JG is the best candidate for the job it’s only because he’s never allow there to be a competition at the position and never allowed any of...
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    This Pruitt press conference...

    oh my god! Pruitt really said Jg doesn’t turn the ball over in practice that’s why he’s our qb? Wow. How about you watch some game film coach and adjust accordingly. What they do in practice ultimately doesn’t matter. He’s had 3 years to get this decision right.
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    Coach Pruitt and Future

    First off it should never take 7 years for a new coach to build a winnable team. That’s the most ridiculous thing I e ever heard. Secondly, it’s this one puzzling decision that’s held the entire program back. Pruitts inability to recognize the significance of qb play (and how bad Jg is) and get...
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    Tennessee defensive line coach Jimmy Brumbaugh out after just four games

    How in the hell are our struggles related to the defensive line at all?
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    Getting QBs ready is an inexact science

    Coaches that are most successful with this allow there to be an open competition. Whomever they go with typically is on a relatively short leash until someone unquestionably wins the job. We’ve never had any of that with JG. There’s never been a competition and he’s never locked down the job. So...
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    DG's Thoughts on ... Ugh ... the Kentucky Loss.

    My only complaint to your right is that it’s so puzzling how people always say why don’t we have anyone behind JG. Shroud was just as bad and Mauer can’t even get on the field. How many reps have they had with the ones? How many games have they started knowing they were the guy? The entire...
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    We need to not do with Pruitt what we did with Butch—get rid of him now—set up Petersen or Hugh Freeze and pull the trigger with the cupboards full

    I agree with a lot of this op. I was surprised Jg started Pruitts first year, angry he started his second year, and flat out depressed he started this year. This is really because it shows how out of touch (and incapable) pruitt is as a coach. No legit coach would just keep frosting jg out...
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    Mark Wiedmer smells something burning in the kitchen...

    Just think about what makes a guy like urban meyer it Nick Saban. They aren’t just great recruiters and great at helping kids become better at their individual positions. They are intelligent. This extends to understanding the importance of the ability position and understanding momentum etc...
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    Pruitt has never had an open qb competition as a head coach

    Which is absolutely stunning. JG doesn’t have the intangibles necessary to play at this level. He has no pocket awareness. And even when he does see the pressure coming he’s too unathletic to set his feet and get rid of the ball. That one decision alone could dictate his legacy as a head...

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