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  1. Rockytopvol86

    Number Eleven

    Don’t we have 2 with the number? Fr WR? Jalin Hyatt
  2. Rockytopvol86

    Wanya 3rd time in quarantine

    But also can test positive for test up to 6 weeks after testing positive as well as all the false positives they are finding is alarming as well ( confirmed via antibody testing)
  3. Rockytopvol86

    Vols announce new practice uniforms - Covid friendly.

    I’ll join in!! Didn’t realize soccer Was supposed to have that much tackling
  4. Rockytopvol86

    RB lineup

    So the drugs were the bait?? I mean the gators do have good drug history..... jk..
  5. Rockytopvol86

    4-Star RB Cody Brown is a HOSS

    At least he is used to finding the checkerboard s!!
  6. Rockytopvol86

    NCAA releases first step in getting back to competition

    But that led to butt chugging........
  7. Rockytopvol86

    Georgia throwing shade

    I think I fixed. But UGA shade
  8. Rockytopvol86

    Georgia throwing shade

    Georgia is on their heels due to our recent recruiting prowess and this proves it. Georgia responding to Tennessee’s recruiting success
  9. Rockytopvol86

    Social Distancing at College Football games

    Thanks for not roasting me as well
  10. Rockytopvol86

    Social Distancing at College Football games

    As a front line worker and as a pharmacist I disagree with this. Should we lock ourselves in closets and not live the one life we’re given? No. But let’s be smart about this. And as for treatments remdesivir the new drug showed no benefit and as for plaquenil + azithromycin is in trials after...
  11. Rockytopvol86

    Luke Combs Vols Fan Fun

    He attended there but never graduated I believe. Just a few credits shy.
  12. Rockytopvol86

    Texas ever used the power T?

    Arches have been used for superior support and power for ages.. look at architecture throughout history. The Texas T has no such support... therefore not too great
  13. Rockytopvol86

    Harrison bailey and jalin hyatt workout together

    I thought the same thing. HB was throwing late and looked like the WR were waiting a little too long.
  14. Rockytopvol86

    Trey Wallace: Spring Practice Suspended

    It’s because we have the blind leading the blind. There has been little actually statements from medical professionals.. thus creating chaos
  15. Rockytopvol86

    UT cancels classes

    That’s what happens when you have mass amounts of people who are not educated the right way about COVID-19. Its unfortunate
  16. Rockytopvol86

    Spring Practice Thread #1 Tuesday 3/10/20

    You never fail to deliver the goods, Fingers. Thank you!!

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