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  1. TrumpedUpVol

    Whose ready for some new states?

    This is a very low-effort thread, sir, even for you.
  2. TrumpedUpVol

    #17 Miami vs #18 Louisville

    It's just a Florida-shaped gun with a chain on it!
  3. TrumpedUpVol

    2020 Presidential Race

    Canada should absolutely close their border to the United States if they consider it to be in the best interest of their nation. That being said, everyone needs to keep this in mind when it comes to illegal aliens and the United States' southern border. If "I really want to go there" isn't a...
  4. TrumpedUpVol

    Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has passed away

    Sounds familiar!
  5. TrumpedUpVol

    Next gen console power (PS5 and Xbox Series X)

    Eh, GameStop will stick around for another decade or so. I firmly believe that digital consoles will end up outselling their optical drive counterparts this generation, possibly with all slim variants being digital only, but GameStop will cling to life so long as they can sell contemporary...
  6. TrumpedUpVol

    ‘21 GA PF Jabari Smith

    I get that this data is several years old, but I'm struggling mightily to see how (as @JelloPuddinPup mentioned) the G League is going to be a better option for players long-term (and, potentially, short-term) than the NCAA once NIL is fair game. Far fewer people watch the G League, comprised of...
  7. TrumpedUpVol

    Cade Mays CLEARED

    I hope that Trey has a wonderful and prosperous NFL career but, should his health curtail that dream, he has a very long and successful future as a commentator/television analyst awaiting him at bare minimum.
  8. TrumpedUpVol

    2020 Presidential Race

    People leave jobs for three reasons: they retire, are relieved of their employment or decide that they would be happier with/better-suited to a role elsewhere. Two of those reasons lend themselves to the possibility of disparaging your previous employer and should be taken with a huge grain of salt.
  9. TrumpedUpVol

    2020 Presidential Race

    Wait, Trump is more concerned with Trump's reelection than COVID-19? See, he really is a man of the people! Also, never put a great degree of stock into the grievances of disgruntled former employees.
  10. TrumpedUpVol

    2020 Schedule Udates.

    I think that you're onto something in regards to the GWU game, especially given the bubble dynamics. I had forgotten to mention this, but I believe that the 10th non-Charleston OOC game would be the Big XII/SEC matchup so I do think they'll either have to drop that (unideal) or scrap another...
  11. TrumpedUpVol

    2020 Schedule Udates.

    Circling back, the NCAA did indeed determine yesterday that the season will start on November 25th. This, obviously, affects both the Wisconsin game and Charleston Classic in addition to a game against Presbyterian. Practice begins on October 14th, and the maximum number of contests drops from...
  12. TrumpedUpVol

    Latest Coronavirus - Yikes

    Not smart enough to discern what "It shouldn't even have to come to this" means, eh? How surprising...
  13. TrumpedUpVol

    Latest Coronavirus - Yikes

    It shouldn't even have to come to this. One side is asking that people worry about/take responsibility for their own lives, while the other is demanding that everyone adjust their existence to suit the needs of the few. At some point, people terrified of contracting COVID-19 either need to...
  14. TrumpedUpVol

    Week 2 NCAA pick'em 19 Sep

    1. Duke 2. Appalachian State 3. Pittsburgh 4. Miami 5. Oklahoma State 6. Central Florida 7. Florida Atlantic 8. Louisiana 9. Tulane 10. Louisiana Tech 11. North Carolina State 12. Cincinnati
  15. TrumpedUpVol

    2020 Presidential Race

    I'll understand it if the race can't be called on election night or the day after due to counting, I suppose. If November 5th rolls around and you're still playing the "we're tabulating the results" card? You bet your ass I'm supporting him in the face of this nonsense.
  16. TrumpedUpVol

    2020 Presidential Race

    "her story was corroborated by several people she confided in about the incident at the time." For what it's worth, I say this as someone who does not believe Tara Reade's allegations against Joe Biden: there needs to be some kind of nationally-accepted "statute of limitations" on this...
  17. TrumpedUpVol

    Big Ten now playing

    ... what are you talking about? According to, Ohio state has won 63% of its games vs. the SEC and Clemson has a losing record (43%) against the SEC. Both of those figures, for what it's worth, are less than their winning percentages against their respective conference opponents!
  18. TrumpedUpVol


    Jeopardy! is limited to contestants from Los Angeles County and the Inland Empire for the time being due to COVID-19, so you're not exactly that far off with your observation. ;)
  19. TrumpedUpVol

    Latest Coronavirus - Yikes

    In Volunteer-related COVID-19 lunacy, Knox County currently has 29 COVID-19 hospitalizations and (in spite of high cases/day) is on track to have fewer deaths in September than August (which itself saw a decrease from the number of deaths in July). 67 people have unfortunately succumbed to...
  20. TrumpedUpVol

    Season Ticket Holders

    My assumption is that the single game tickets that may come available on the 22nd would be returns from Missouri's allotment of 500, but who knows. Maybe visiting schools will be required to either accept or decline tickets ten days in advance, and any unused tickets will then be put on...

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