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  1. meanbass123

    *****Vols vs UAB Full Game Video

    Did anyone lip read Coach Pruitt at 1:13:15? HAHA!
  2. meanbass123

    Vols Practice Report Tuesday

    Just happened to notice that Maurer is wearing a different helmet than he previously was wearing. Good sign?
  3. meanbass123

    Pruitt to Bama?

    Wow.... the whole Kiffin thing really scarred y'all didn't it? Can we please STOP talking about a coach leaving our University and going somewhere else? It's almost sickening the way Tennessee fans talk about this crap. Not everyone is slime like Lane Kiffin. .
  4. meanbass123

    Official Jon Gruden Thread 31

    So what is all the chatter I keep hearing about that is going to happen Sunday?
  5. meanbass123

    Official Jon Gruden Thread 30

    Trey Wallace did say that the local media wouldn't buy into it because of what happened with the Grumors last time... Soon!
  6. meanbass123

    Official Jon Gruden Thread 30

    I have too been skeptical of the Grumors; but, for some reason, it feels different this time.. I can't contain my excitement whenever the announcement is finally made.
  7. meanbass123

    Lane Kiffin (Merged)

    USC insider joins Kiffin chorus: Timing right for Tennessee to bring back prodigal coach
  8. meanbass123

    Azzanni Departing to NFL

    He saw the writing on the wall when Larry Scott was promoted to OC.
  9. meanbass123

    Wes Welker UT Staff?

    It's not far fetched...
  10. meanbass123

    Wes Welker UT Staff?

    Or he could be a Special Team coordinator with Larry Scott being promoted to OC..
  11. meanbass123

    Wes Welker UT Staff?

    I could see Welker coaching DB's and take over for Martinez. I mean Welker was a pro receiver, if anything he could coach the DB's based on his expertise of how a Wide Receiver would try to out smart a DB. It's kind of like the scenario with Nick Reveiz coaching running backs at Carson-Newman...
  12. meanbass123

    Preview: the VT Hokies vs the UT Volunteers

    I get so sick of our one-dimensional offense.... :banghead2:
  13. meanbass123

    20,000 Bowling Green tickets remain

    I know at the Taxslayer Bowl you could, but I didn't know if that only applied to their stadium. Thanks!
  14. meanbass123

    20,000 Bowling Green tickets remain

    Can you drink in the stadium?
  15. meanbass123

    OFFICIAL--Gator Bowl Roll Call

    Section 102. Go Big Orange!!!
  16. meanbass123

    Donnie Tyndall Thread

    He made the sweet 16 with Morehead State.
  17. meanbass123

    Never been to Neyland

    I remember my first experience in Neyland, it was UT vs. LSU in 2006. Even though we got beat it was still the most exciting thing I had ever seen in my life! You will enjoy!!:rock2:
  18. meanbass123

    Not sure any longer

    Haha! This is quite humorous. People need to face the facts that our program is gonna take some time to get back to the way things use to be. Ease up on Butch, he's still got a long season to go. The only way is UP! Get behind this team and the coaching staff and quite acting like were in the...

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