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  1. Carlitovol

    JG - Underrated players ready for a breakout season

    Figured this would've already been posted but didn't see it. (Hopefully not a miss on my part) So I randomly went to the ESPN NCF page and lo-and-behold, I saw orange in the header photo. Turns out there is an Insider article with under-radar players ready to break out this season. (The good...
  2. Carlitovol

    Forde Article

    I know he has a bad reputation for some of the anti-Vol crap he’s written, but this is a great read.. The Big Dance can wait — take a moment to appreciate a Tennessee-Kentucky classic
  3. Carlitovol

    Get Ready !

    This is exactly what Lamonte gives us when healthy.. Once he is 100% back, he's a huge weapon from outside and he's got ice in his veins (case in point, that dagger against KY at Rupp last year that basically put the game away). Not only that, but we need his ball-handling skills and vision...
  4. Carlitovol


  5. Carlitovol

    Marquill Osborne Transferring

    I literally LOL’ed. Well played, MW ! Apparently Marquille is going off the rails on a crazy train.
  6. Carlitovol

    You give the pre game talk for Vandy.

    I guess you missed this clip from the Kentucky pre-game ?? >>>
  7. Carlitovol

    Hypothetical Coaching

    Agreed 100%. We are a bad football team right now coming off a 4-8 season. We just don’t have the jimmies and joes. It’s obvious when you watch top 25 teams play - we are severely lacking in playmakers and it’s going to take time to get guys into the program who can be competitive...
  8. Carlitovol

    *****Tennessee vs Florida Full Game HD 60fps

    Thanks Freak ! Just re-watching the first few minutes, and it really is apparent how predictable our play calling is (i.e. run/run/pass). I just wonder how Pruitt is addressing this with Helton? With Pruitt being a defensive minded guy, he has to look at the game plan and the obvious...
  9. Carlitovol

    Our Team

    Yep. The VERY first play on offense this season, where the WVU DE went unblocked and blasted JG, was unfortunately a foreshadowing to the ineptitude that we will likely see the rest of the season. We need a complete reset on the OL. Hopefully Wanya Morris lives up to his recruiting hype and...
  10. Carlitovol

    Game Highlights

    One thing I’ll add - if there are any VN video buffs out there that want to start putting game highlights together, I think it would draw a big following. Might even become a VN legend, I.E. Fingers 2.0.
  11. Carlitovol

    Game Highlights

    Great question, OP - been meaning to start a thread on this same subject. I think this is a HUGE miss by the AD/Vol network. I used to enjoy rewatching the highlights, even after a loss. I was traveling during the UTEP game (had to listen to Bob & Tim)— and the only highlights I can find are...
  12. Carlitovol

    Too many biased opinions?

    I think you have to play your scheme (and the players who give you the best chance to win with that scheme) and take the lumps that come with it. At some point CJP would have to transition to his playing style and Xs/Os - and there would be a learning curve then too - along with the...
  13. Carlitovol

    Pruitt only playing one qb

    I'm assuming he means the plan (and hope) is to only play one.. Maybe originally they were planning to rotate them both in.. But you have to think if the starter is stinking it up the entire first half and the offense needs a spark, he'd give the other guy a shot...?
  14. Carlitovol

    Stallone Meme

    Saw on FB and had to share.. sorry if posted already, I didn’t see any related thread..
  15. Carlitovol

    Schlabach: Most Entertaining Teams in 2018

    Kind of a dumb take by Schlabach, but I thought it was interesting that he included us in this list.. Although the "entertaining" part is more about Pruitt than the team itself. Takes a few jabs and says that he thinks we "maybe beat Vanderbilt"... Also, I LOL'ed at "puking in Butch Jones'...
  16. Carlitovol

    Pruitt's Defense

    I like your style, photovol.. ! Honestly my expectations for the D are fairly low for 2 reasons: 1. DL depth - while we have some high-quality players atop the depth chart, after that it's iffy at best.. e.g. We have a walk-on (Bain) and a true FR (Harris, who was a low 3* on Rivals) at 2nd...
  17. Carlitovol

    Colorado St missing Will Friend?

    CBS sports. 37-27.. PW just caught another TD.. CSU is clicking, about 8 mins to go..
  18. Carlitovol

    One analyst believes Tennessee’s quarterback battle has already been decided

    I actually came across an ESPN Insider article last week that said earlier in the summer, JG threw a football over them mountains. I knew right then he was QB1, no doubt about it...
  19. Carlitovol

    AP Preaseason poll:

    I did find it funny that the UKittens got a vote.. HAHA.. Agreed w/ @Giveem6, though - given the pitiful results last season and the fact that we have a new HC who has never been a HC, there is no reason for anybody to think that we should be ranked in the top 50 in any poll. If indeed we...

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