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    '22 TN WR Taylor Groves

    I think this kid will end up at safety
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    '21 TN WR Adonai Mitchell (Georgia commit)

    D1 I would not waste my time going back and forth with these folks on here. Continue to put info out and keep it moving.
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    '21 TN ATH Andre Turrentine (OSU commit)

    No he’s from Memphis. Kolby dad is the assistant basketball coach for Vanderbilt.
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    '21 TN ATH Andre Turrentine (OSU commit)

    Breedlove and Huey l was told that we are in daily contact.
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    '21 TN ATH Andre Turrentine (OSU commit)

    First of all I would like to say I am a fan of this kid. He plays hard and appear to be a student of the game. He’s away in position to make plays. I had a chance to watch him play this past weekend in the 7on7 tournament in Hendersonville, he played great. But to answer your question I believe...
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    '21 TN OL William Parker (Tennessee commit)

    Yeah I said it before he’s the best lineman in TN even better than the kid from Cordova imo. Heard from one of his coaches that he’s lazy but after watching him play in a few games l did not see the laziness.
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    '21 TN CB Adrian Huey

    I agree! I was at NPA with my nephew and got a chance to to with him. He said that this was his 4th year playing football that the game is still coming to him. He said that last year was his first season playing cornerback and though he played on a very bad team in Murfreesboro, he only allowed...
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    '21 TN ATH Andre Turrentine (OSU commit)

    Kids a football player he’s at the right place at the right time. But he’s not even in the top 5 DB in TN. I can name easily 5 DB that are just overall better and to some it’s not even close. He was really good in middle school heads and shoulders better than any of the kids outside of Q Barnes...
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    '21 TN ATH Tray Curry (Virginia Tech commit)

    I’m looking forward to watching this kid play. He’s part of the J3M 7on7 squad he will be playing some tournament middle TN that I’ll be able to see.
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    '21 TN OL Dietrick Pennington (Clemson commit)

    Griffin from Pearl Cohn is better. I watched them both this. But this kid is really good.
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    '20 TN RB Antonio Malone (PWO)

    He played for CR too! Not sure when he left because he didn’t get any playing time. I’m glad to see him with the good guys.
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    '21 TN WR Adonai Mitchell (Georgia commit)

    He’ll have to go to prep school next year being that it will be his 5th year in high school I assume. I still don’t get this reclassified stuff these kids are doing. If anyone else do please explain?
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    '21 TN OL Dietrick Pennington (Clemson commit)

    I totally agree with the first two kids. But Turrentine is a very good high school football player. But he’s not very big or athletic. I would make a strong guess that he runs in high 4.6 to low 4.7 in the 40. The big lineman Williams from Pearl would be in my top 3.
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    '21 TN WR Adonai Mitchell (Georgia commit)

    Q is all UF right now, Merrill is open and enjoying the recruiting process. I don’t know Tray but would love to see him in action. But Adonai is one of the most physical gifted athletes I’ve ever seen. He makes the best athletes look average. I’m just not sure if WR is his best position. Cane...
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    '20 TN ATH Reggie Grimes (Oklahoma commit)

    I don’t think people are saying he’s not a good athlete. Ive watched this kid now for years, since he was in the 6th grade. I watched him play football, basketball and run track! I know his family and have a love one that played these sports with or against him. Yes he has offers and yes he’s...
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    '21 FL CB Terrion Arnold

    He has great film
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    '21 TN DL Javon Nelson

    Elijah Herring is his name
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    '21 TN DL Javon Nelson

    I watched him play a couple games this year l wasn’t impressed. However it’s a sophomore OLB on his team that also have a offer from UT was impressive. Sorry l can’t think of the kids name right now.

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