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    Kongbo Exit Interview

    Is it to late to add the (With Cause) to his firing, just saying if settling for $35,000 a year, is looking for a competitive HC job is BS. This needs to be looked into by the UT Administration. Get this A$$ Clown off our books.
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    A huge crime was committed in minneapolis tonight.

    Or the Auburn player grabbing the Va player jersey, two missed calls. People need to get over BP, he's not at Tn, was the pressure here too much, that he had to have that BBQ?
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    A huge crime was committed in minneapolis tonight.

    Do you want some milk and cookies?
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    Why not make the refs take questions after games

    Had the TV announcers not mentioned the double dribble, 99% of us would not know it was a double dribble. It happens all the time, referees should be the announcers, even they didn't call it when it happened.
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    Kentucky goes down.

    (*) True, but the (*) will always be there.
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    Kentucky goes down.

    Not me, explain yourself. Sure Bruce has made it to the Final Four, so has Coach Rick Barnes, but years down road CRB will not have the * in front of his name for violations on NCAA Rules. Go Vols
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    Holly Future

    That the problem, she's from born and raised, that alone should be enough for her to step down without pay.
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    Holly Future

    Can we give her keys to the gym in Antarctica, or is that too close to UT?
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    Tony Basilio Tweet

    Please pump the brakes, the players were never coached (taught) any offensive sets, plays or whatever, just the basic for the last three to for years. I said it before and I'll say it again, once the freshmen on CPS last year graduated, Holly was exposed, those freshmen, sophomores, and juniors...
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    Evina Comment

    Because other players are to busy fixing their hair or rolling up their shorts.
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    Evina Comment

    Holly goodnight, now nite nite, sweet dreams.
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    Commentators on Holly

    Holly don't know basically s**t.
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    M. Cornelius reporting - Aussie guard commits to Lady Vols

    Only the last 2-3 minutes of the 2nd - 4th quarters to jack 3's to try to catch up.
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    List the Kentucky excuses......

    5) Kentucky smoked to much Blue Grass.
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    Did anyone hear what Holly was yelling at the officials at the end of the game?

    Damn, thats basically what I just said. Led, follow or step aside.
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    Did anyone hear what Holly was yelling at the officials at the end of the game?

    This all goes back to practice, run their butts until they can barely walk on the count after practice. I've never seen any of their practices, but I'm willing to bet you it mirrors the previous football coach that now at alabama, no development
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    It used to be that the question was whether we would get a #1 or #2 seed

    I heard HW say it after the Arkansas lose during the postgame press conference. We not suppose to beat Notre Dame, but we're suppose to beat Arkansas, Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, and Missouri. If you're supposed to beat them, why didn't you have a game plan to do so. Just another person waiting...
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    Congrats Alexa Middleton

    This was her night, has any of Tennessee past incoming transfers (not Grad- transfers) that graduated thanked their previous schools on Senior Night. HW, I can no longer call her a coach, should've fought like hell to kept her here.
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    Congrats Alexa Middleton

    Oh, there coming!

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