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  1. Vols All Day

    Tennessee shuts practice down for Covid-19 reasons

    Yeah, it works until someone gets seriously ill or dies.
  2. Vols All Day

    '21 WA PF Paolo Banchero (Duke Commit)

    Probably something similar or a tad bit smaller than this.
  3. Vols All Day

    '21 WA PF Paolo Banchero (Duke Commit)

    I’m glad this was a quick decision and not pushed along to the spring. It looks like PB was likely trying to steer KC to Duke.
  4. Vols All Day

    Latest Coronavirus - Yikes

    Looks like it’s about time to banish mask talk to the politics forum.
  5. Vols All Day

    '21 WA PF Paolo Banchero (Duke Commit)

    Both players strong suit is the 4; however I think their positional versatility is a little different. To me it looks like Banchero has the versatility to potentially play some minutes on the wing if he can defend on the wing. Banchero has a very similar game to the new era Blake Griffin except...
  6. Vols All Day

    '21 TN PG Kennedy Chandler (Tennessee commit 08.14.20)

    With some Lil Bibby mixed in there also.
  7. Vols All Day

    '21 TN PG Kennedy Chandler (Tennessee commit 08.14.20)

    That would make sense and it sounds like the Vols are in a good place. However, just a month ago Volquest released a video with Travali Price (also the next day they released one with his brother who had a walk on offer) and he committed to NC State a week later.
  8. Vols All Day

    PAC-12 cancels football in Fall 2020.

    Bigger than the fear of abandoning their teammates is the fear of retaliation. These kids know if they opt out and aren’t a senior or going pro that they could potentially be high on the list when it’s time to make cuts.
  9. Vols All Day

    PAC-12 cancels football in Fall 2020.

    This might be a reasonable concern. Pac-12 cancels fall 2020 college football season, aims to play in spring 2021 While the Big Ten's coaches were outspoken about wanting to play, the Pac-12's coaches were largely silent. Perhaps that is because the league's coaches and athletic directors were...
  10. Vols All Day

    Team News (current roster)

    Yeah, I saw that the other day. They also had comps for Springer and JJJ. Keon Johnson - NBA Draft Room Jaden Springer - NBA Draft Room Josiah James - NBA Draft Room
  11. Vols All Day

    Breaking: Pons returning to Tennessee

    Barnes for sure will go back to playing defense like they did when they had Daniels, Turner, and Bone. The defense will really pressure the ball coming up the court, push the initiation of the offense back further on the court than the offense calls for, make passes to the wing very difficult...
  12. Vols All Day

    2021 Target List

    Could the staff be potentially selling Banchero on some minutes at the three?
  13. Vols All Day

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    If everyone pushes to fix the problems then we can go back to sports being an escape from work and family.
  14. Vols All Day

    Second Vol tests positive for COVID

    NBA doctors have voiced concerns about potential heart issues. Everyone thinks just catch it and go through it and your good, but no one has a clue about the long term effects. NBA doctors concerned about long-term heart issues for players who test positive for COVID-19

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