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  1. Commish14

    Harrison Bailey: Is he benefitting from exceptional talent around him? Or is he the real deal?

    He'll be throwing to Division 1 talent when he plays for us too so lets not sweat it ..... GO VOLS !!!!!
  2. Commish14

    Trey Smith Press Conference

    No one does but Trey. I wish him the best either way..... GO VOLS !!!!!
  3. Commish14

    Pruitt is becoming a Tennessee guy

    Amen !!! Well Stated !!
  4. Commish14

    Early enrolles on campus (Cooper Mays, etc)

    Vols football is gonna get lots better. I think we're finally headed in the right direction. God Bless and GO VOLS !!!!!!
  5. Commish14

    Cimaglia deserves credit

    Coach Pruitt says if he asked him to go in @ linebacker he'd do it. He's tough as nails and has a helluva of a leg !!! GO VOLS !!!
  6. Commish14

    Ol' Geno doubles down on bashing Tennessee, Fulmer, so on, so forth.

    Thanks Alex, I'll take Bull**** for a thousand .....
  7. Commish14

    Here's how to fix instant replay reviews

    Put a GPS device in each end of the football. Would take care of 99% of any disputed calls made concerning the ball.....
  8. Commish14

    Here's how to fix instant replay reviews

    Sorry but wouldn't work with Bammer fans. Their team never does anything wrong, has a penalty or gets shown any favoritism whatsoever.. Don't believe me ?? Just ask one....
  9. Commish14

    How old were you...

    I was 31. Me my wife and 2 kids watched it on a "Sam1" satellite dish on a "wild feed" station. If you ever had one of those big dishes during the time you'll know what I'm talking about. The channel had no commercials. When the regular station broke for commercial the wild feed stayed with the...
  10. Commish14

    Browns fire kitchens

    I'm not sure on their ages and them playing together but was thinking Kitchens is a little older than Coach Pruitt. If they were in a drinking match though my $$ would be on Freddie...
  11. Commish14

    We lost one of our own

    God Bless and prayers for his Family ....:(
  12. Commish14

    Please join us !

    I was on VN years ago under another name and I too am just starting to get back reading posts and such but agree 100% with your post Pastor. My family and I are making the long trip up from Wayne County. My wife and I, my two grown children with their respective spouses and my two Grandchildren...
  13. Commish14

    ESPN bowl projection

    Very spot on !! Good post....
  14. Commish14

    Just watched

    I think its because Coach P has developed an intense taste for "Tossing JG's Salad" because as soon as JG exits the field after a signature (***k up), Coach P is on standby to deliver an Oscar worthy "Salad Tossing" to #2 ............ :)
  15. Commish14

    It’s time to stop sending Butch checks...

    I'd settle for a simple scenario of offering a couple of ole Muscle Shoals boys down this way a gram or two of METH to just go beat the SH** outta the rosy cheeked BAS****....:)
  16. Commish14

    Love anything the way Henry T loves Tennessee football

    My wife and I went with my Son and his family to what was my Grandchildren and Daughter-in-Law's first trip to Neyland this past Saturday. We started taking my son about 30 years ago and always enjoyed staying after the game to see some of the players and get some pics and just really to talk to...
  17. Commish14

    Realistic Options with Fulmer at the Helm

    "Man I wish they'd fire Currie", "Fulmer will just set us back and bring his good ole boys back"... My post numbers will show me as another poster that couldn't tell Johnny Majors from Lee Majors if you laid down their pictures in front of them. But in reality I'm a 40 yr plus VOLS fan that...
  18. Commish14

    VFL needs prayers

    Prayers for your entire family Brother. May God Bless and comfort ...

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