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  1. orangefloyd

    American war dead are "Losers and Suckers," per Trump

    I learned that from you guys. You said it for eight years of Clinton and then Obama and now Biden.
  2. orangefloyd

    American war dead are "Losers and Suckers," per Trump

    its been debunked. Russia,Russia,Russia.
  3. orangefloyd

    American war dead are "Losers and Suckers," per Trump

    is there a lib alive that hasn’t said things like this about vets or the military. I mean that’s who they are.
  4. orangefloyd

    College Football Hall of Fame Coach - Johnny Majors?

    He rebuilt three programs from the ground up. He deserves to be in the HOF.
  5. orangefloyd

    First Vol game you remember and your age

    First game I remember is the 1965 UCLA game. First game I saw was 1966 Gator bowl against Syracuse. 10 years old.
  6. orangefloyd

    What do y'all think

    It’s dead Jim.
  7. orangefloyd

    UT cremation urn.

    This is what we wound up with.
  8. orangefloyd

    No more Rupp Arena?

  9. orangefloyd

    1990 100 Years of Volunteers Football Cards

    I am 1 short of a set with hundreds of extras. I need a Reggie White sitting at a table.
  10. orangefloyd

    UT cremation urn.

    A friend of mine and a lifetime Vols fan passed away suddenly Saturday at the age of 45. We are trying to locate a UT themed urn for the remains probably in the next 3 days. His wife and children are to distraught so we are trying to take cafe of it. We are hard time finding anything. Please...
  11. orangefloyd

    I need help.

    Dear friends, a dear friend and Vols fan has passed away and I need to find an orange and white UT cremation urn as soon as possible. Any ideas would greatly appreciated. His family has requested it. Somebody has to have one.
  12. orangefloyd

    Beattie Feathers

    Mr. Feathers died in 1979 so...
  13. orangefloyd

    Ever seen one of THESE !?

    I have several of those change purses. I loved getting those Peek size football guides too. Still have several of those.
  14. orangefloyd

    Vol Network DVD's Extinct?

    I got a copy of the Miracle on dvd at Walgreen.
  15. orangefloyd

    When Johnny Came Marching Home.

    Johnny had the number one class in the country in 1977 I believe. 7,8 parade all Americans. Very high attrition rate. It was really wierd. So many odd things happened with those guys. It set the rebuild back.

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