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  1. Hairy Vols

    Ticket Holders for Non-Conference Games

    Any news on what will happen with our tickets? I'm heavily invested in four tickets to Tennessee vs Troy that I paid $9 each for. I'd hate to lose that large sum of money I invested for this game. :D All joking aside, I couldn't find any information on it here or anywhere else.
  2. Hairy Vols

    Uncle Lou is extra spicy today!

    I'll answer that last question. It is 0% lol.
  3. Hairy Vols

    Would Pruitt replace Saban?

    Is it his dream job growing up? Don't forget what Lane did. Pruitt wouldn't do it in the same fashion but it is still possible.
  4. Hairy Vols

    Trey Smith’s latest 2021 NFL Draft ranking

    However high chance for being a first round pick.
  5. Hairy Vols

    How did the 1999 team not make it back to the National Championship game?

    This could also go to the theory of Fulmer being the greatest recruiter at UT ever but not the greatest in game coach. I think when it all said and done we will win more national championships with him as AD than we ever could have with him continuing on as Head Coach. And I loved Fulmer as HC.
  6. Hairy Vols

    Serious question: how are other players being picked over Vols?

    If were gonna play that game I can name a bigger list of players people thought should get drafted from the Vols that didn't that they were right on? Think back to our best 90s seasons. We had elite college WRs... How many are going into the NFL HOF? There is a gap, just like the gap from your...
  7. Hairy Vols

    What are our players doing now to stay in shape?

    And Id assume strongly we, as well as most SEC schools, are one of those teams.
  8. Hairy Vols

    Stat comparisons 2017, 2018, 2019

    If we have a breakout year this year given the current climate did Corona-virus save the Vols?
  9. Hairy Vols

    Freak, a request......

    Dobbs 4 Heisman is that you?
  10. Hairy Vols

    Your Memphis Grizzlies Basketball Thread III

    not only that he refused to play for the Grizz. People just read headlines and make up the rest along the way it seems.
  11. Hairy Vols

    Peyton Manning releases statement on Kobe

    I want to thank you for shutting Orange up. Is he D4H? I've always off and on here.
  12. Hairy Vols

    Peyton Manning releases statement on Kobe

    Let's make it clear. The situation doesn't look good. But this isn't the time. It would be the equivalent of bringing up the girl who claimed sexual misconduct on Peyton at the time of his death. Him and the girl settled the situation out of court and she personally chose not to press...
  13. Hairy Vols

    OBJ handing out cash

    College baseball doesn't make the money like college football. Not even in the same category. And I stand by my statement. If these men have the chance at being called to war they should also have their guaranteed rights. I'm implying I find the NCAA to be an unconstitutional embarrassment...
  14. Hairy Vols

    OBJ handing out cash

    Am I the only one who hates the NCAA so much I dont care? These kids are old enough to die for our country, then they are old enough to receive money however they choose too.
  15. Hairy Vols

    Isn’t it amazing that

    They're older and wiser. Yada yada. Something cliche like that.
  16. Hairy Vols

    Most Satisfying Win 2019

    ETSU. I enjoyed watching them squirm.
  17. Hairy Vols

    Maurers ex gf airing out laundry

    Underrated reply.
  18. Hairy Vols

    The Official Tennessee vs. UAB Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPNU

    You would think we took the L from these comments. Gross.

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