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  1. clarencepeabody

    Camp Risers and Fallers

    I’m sure you’ve seen it, but his highlight reel (doing all his flips and dunks) just got me excited about his athleticism. It reminded me of a bigger version of adoree Jackson.
  2. clarencepeabody

    Camp Risers and Fallers

    I still think Wideman is going to be something special. That’s not based on any specific insight, I just remember having that feeling early on.
  3. clarencepeabody

    How many games do we get to play before season is cancelled?

    Ah. You’re correct. It was Texas.
  4. clarencepeabody

    How many games do we get to play before season is cancelled?

    Exactly. And yet, you’ve still got the Fox News contingent who still believe it’s all “political.” And yes, 99% of college-age athletes would survive if infected, but there’s that 1 person out of 100 who literally suffocates in the most miserable death that I’ve ever encountered. I’ll never...
  5. clarencepeabody

    Will Neyland be at 50% Capacity like Texas, or higher?

    Yup. I’d much rather miss out on one season if it means getting things back closer to “normal” in seasons to come. Try to force it now, and it may change football for the rest of our lives.
  6. clarencepeabody

    Ready for the New Conferences...?

    Not only that, the SEC was founded in Knoxville. At what is now the Hyatt place hotel on gay st.
  7. clarencepeabody

    Lou Says No

  8. clarencepeabody

    IU losing more than games

    My thoughts exactly. Something fishy going on with these numbers.
  9. clarencepeabody

    Interesting scenario.....thoughts?

    This is what happens when you restrict your news intake to Fox News, OANN, and Facebook posts.
  10. clarencepeabody

    Conference Games Only?

    This is why I got so upset yesterday about a post yesterday, calling for football in at the expense of an “unlucky few.” The fact is, whether you’re elderly, diabetic, have a compromised immune system, or whatever it some point, every one of us will likely be at high risk for...
  11. clarencepeabody

    If no season, do Vols benefit?

    I just don’t understand why no one seems to realize this.
  12. clarencepeabody

    Football isn’t happening...

    Spoken just like someone who hasn’t had to watch a loved one suffocating. When you do, you’ll soon realize that the “healthy people aren’t vulnerable” isn’t a generalization that can be widely applied, and that debt, the economy, and football don’t matter as much as you thought they did. I...
  13. clarencepeabody

    Football isn’t happening...

    Well, what you visualize is up to you. I really wasn’t trying to be smug, but I do react emotionally because I’ve been extremely close to people who’ve contracted the disease. It’s easy to say “only old people die,” but that’s not the case. And it may not affect younger people the same way, but...
  14. clarencepeabody

    Football isn’t happening...

    Maybe the most ridiculous post in the history of VN. Let me ask you this, have you had COVID-19? I have two very close members of my circle (best friend and father in law) who have. One in his 20s, one in his 60s. The one in his 20s (I’m extremely good shape), said it was the worst sickness...
  15. clarencepeabody

    I wonder what the players are thinking........

    I know what our receivers are thinking: “Why doesn’t JG hold the laces when he throws?”
  16. clarencepeabody

    A.J. Johnson showing out

    Good on the Broncos for hiring him, and good on AJ for not giving up. It’s a shame the accuser caused so much harm to his (and williams’s life and reputation). I know she won’t, but she should face a penalty of her own. My wife actually goes to the same hairdresser as someone close to the...

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