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  1. LittleCat

    Your Sex Life

  2. LittleCat

    Did Grant get released from Celtics or just not getting to play?

    Lol he's on a team with a plethora of forwards. Put him on the hornets he'd probably be a major piece.
  3. LittleCat

    2020 NBA Playoffs Thread: Bio-Dome Edition

    Schroeder is playing so bad right now
  4. LittleCat

    UFC Thread

    It sucks but in some way seems fair. Cormier poked him bad the last two fights. Badly enough that Stipe needed surgery and time away to heal. And as for Sean, I went back and saw where Chito hit him with a solid calf kick 3 minutes in. Right after that Sean kept rolling his ankle and had...
  5. LittleCat

    UFC Thread

    Stipe won at least 3, probably 4 rounds. Announcers incredibly biased. Normally Dom is great. Joe is always overreacting to everything though.
  6. LittleCat

    She just needs her McNugets

  7. LittleCat

    UFC Thread

    Felt like if that was continuing a 4th and 5th round that Andrade was about to take over. Rose struggling down the stretch of the 3rd.
  8. LittleCat

    That time we stole Smokey

    It's a random story from 60 years ago involving football. Chill
  9. LittleCat

    That time we stole Smokey

    Damn brother relax. Just an interesting story.
  10. LittleCat

    George Floyd Protest/Riots

    This!!! It's less about race, color, background...all that stuff. This is a police issue.
  11. LittleCat

    Tim Jordan arrested

    I agreed with joke chill brother I remember when Marcus Walker got busted for selling drugs and my friend was saying it was good we finally got players getting arrested cause it meant we were finally signing legit sec talent.
  12. LittleCat

    Tim Jordan arrested

  13. LittleCat

    UK Cheer Coaches Fired

    Pics or it didn't happen
  14. LittleCat

    UFC Thread

  15. LittleCat

    UFC Thread

    Dont know how his coaches are paid, but I've seen that idea floated before. Ultimately I think it's just a case of a corner being stubborn. There has to be an understanding between coach and athlete that if a fighter cant protect themself then the coach will stop it. Dont know the dynamic...
  16. LittleCat

    UFC Thread

    10 straight minutes of getting beat horribly without any sign of winning. The fact he was allowed to come back out in the 5th was sad. The ref couldn't be blamed. Anthony was doing his job and surviving, it comes down to his corner protecting their guy. Anthony was never going to quit, but his...
  17. LittleCat

    UFC Thread

    His corner was atrocious and has been equally bad before. I'm glad the commentating team pointed out how stupid it is to yell the entire time. It has to be annoying to try to focus with a dude yelling instructions that fast.
  18. LittleCat

    UFC Thread

    What sucks now is that Tony probably gets skipped over by Conor for winner of Justin vs Khabib.

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