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    '21 TX QB Kaidon Salter (Tennessee Commit)

    Condredge Holloway. The Artful Dodger.
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    '21 FL CB Jason Marshall (Florida commit)

    Weak response. Let’s review. You listed several Gator players that you claimed were 5 stars. All but one are not 5 star recruits for UF based on the most current info, and consensus info. And I don’t need to see Shorter/Lingard recently to know they were busts at PSU/Miami. I suppose you and...
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    '21 FL CB Jason Marshall (Florida commit)

    First, Rivals is inferior to 247 with respect to talent evals. Rivals has been inferior in that dept for awhile, more noticeable in recent years. Second, your 5 star list is mostly phony, as is most stuff you bring here. Shorter was an overrated 5 star recruit out of HS who did nothing at Penn...
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    Breaking: Vols’ schedule additions

    First statement above is idiotic. If we get to play a season, this season will certainly be part of the "aggregate". If they use a scoreboard to determine wins and losses, list conference standings, and declare division/conference champs, then it's part of the "aggregate". This decision was...
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    '21 GA CB Nyland Green

    Wow! This reads to me like a bidding war extraordinaire. But, since NCAA rules apply, and student-athletes aren’t paid (other than a small stipend), I’m sure I must be reading this wrong.... Right?
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    '20 GA CB Kamar Wilcoxson (Florida commit x3)

    High schools must also hate Mullen. Or maybe HS players are afraid Ms Mullen will French kiss them and pass CoVid or God knows what else if they sign to play for Coach Cuck. Bumper crop in Florida this year, and Mullen will have exactly zero commits in the Florida top 25 after Sapp bails per...
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    '21 FL CB Damarius McGhee (Tennessee Commit)

    I’m guessing Cassidy at Rivals smugly low rated McGhee because he doesn’t show a UF or FSU offer. But, McGhee was offered by Miami. With the way Miami is skull dragging UF and FSU in Florida recruiting, Cassidy should weigh the Miami offer, along with the Vol, Bama, UGA, OU, etc. offers stronger...
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    '21 AL WDE Dylan Brooks (Tennessee Commit)

    Since we’re still 4.5 months from ESP, and The Barn has 10 commitments, and the Vols have several guys committed who The Barn wants, we can expect dozens and dozens more articles from Barn recruiting websites mentioning Vol commits who are talking to The Barn, like Barn coaches, want to visit...
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    '21 FL CB Damarius McGhee (Tennessee Commit)

    What is up with the 2 star rating by Rivals?? Several big time offers have been made to this player. Rivals rated a guy 3 stars last year who didn’t exist!! Get out of the Ratings game if you can’t do better than this.
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    '21 TX QB Kaidon Salter (Tennessee Commit)

    How does one win True Buzz MVP? I mean, I played on some teams where there were a lot of guys with buzzes on.. although I never played on a frisbee football team, or whatever that sport is called.
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    '21 FL ATH Brashard Smith (Miami commit)

    To be more specific, Mullen gets overrated former 5* recruits who didn’t pan out at the schools they originally played at. Their value is already diminished by the time they bounce to UF.
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    '21 NJ DT Tywone Malone

    Zach Berry of RebelGrove and RedCupRebellion said last week that he thought Ole Miss along with Ohio State and A&M were in best position to sign Tywone. He said the football-baseball thing helped Ole Miss. In the same uh, article, Berry also said he thinks Ole Miss will “be in it until the end”...
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    '21 SC DT Tyrion Ingrams-Dawkins

    Fierce looking mascot that UNC has. A lamb with horns. At least it likely won’t offend anyone, and require UNC to form a study group to consider changing it. Then again, them horns might offend some...
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    Brandon Davis transferring

    Regarding your last bullet above, some posters in a James Banks thread indicated that Kenney Solomon, Kwauze Garland, and Isaiah Montgomery were guaranteed scholarships for multiple years since they were awarded a scholarship in their first year at UT. Is that not the case per your...
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    '21 AL WR Roc Taylor (Tennessee commit)

    You can get a degree in Bear Watching at UNC- Chapel Hill.
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    '21 TX QB Kaidon Salter (Tennessee Commit)

    It looks like his 247 composite ranking went down. He was ranked 206 overall and a .9189 rating until today. I guess Rivals or ESPN dropped him in their ranking? Makes sense since he’s a solid Vol commitment!
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    '21 TN WR Adonai Mitchell (Georgia commit)

    Only thing in your post worth a response is where you assumed that I’m upset Kiffin left UT. I’m glad he left UT. He wasn’t the right guy for the job. I was more disappointed about the timing when he left, roughly 3 weeks before a signing day. Kiffin and UT are 10 years in the past. Ancient...
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    '21 TN WR Adonai Mitchell (Georgia commit)

    When did Kiffin have to deal with CoVid while Pruitt didn’t? The 2020 signing class was signed before CoVid had any impact on football. As for the 2021 signing class, Pruitt/Kiffin are dealing with the same visit restrictions. The Confederate flag thing? Ole Miss athletics has been dealing with...
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    '20 MS ATH Jimmy Holiday (UT SIGNEE)

    Holiday looks really quick and fast on film. Obviously, his quickness could benefit in multiple positions. Since he was an EE, I had hoped Chaney would develop Holiday this Spring as a short yardage and red zone QB. I love JG’s toughness and attitude, but his worst trait is lack of elusiveness...
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    '21 GA OT Amarius Mims

    There you go back to the Dooley/Butch years to try to define the program. Again, that was the down cycle. To be clear, I just take exception to your “5-7 program” remark. That term is very inaccurate considering the win/loss history of the Vol program. Regarding Malzahn and Auburn, I really...

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